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Looking for the Best Body Composition Scale available to buy right now on Amazon but don’t want to have to do all the research on the pros and cons of the different types of Body Composition Scale?

Pop Expert have put together this list of the top 10 selling Body Composition Scale on Amazon – sorted by overall popularity and positive consumer reviews.

The Pop Expert list of top selling Body Composition Scale is the ideal place to start when you are trying to find the Best Body Composition Scale for your neeeds.

Popular Body Composition Scale on Amazon

Details on the Best Body Composition Scale

On Sale!Bestseller No. 1
RENPHO Smart Scale for Body Weight, Digital Bathroom Scale BMI Weighing Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, Body Composition Monitor Health Analyzer with Smartphone App, 400 lbs - Black
  • Renpho smart app works in connection with fitness apps. Easy setup app works with Fitbit App, Google Fit. Renpho already has millions of happy global users.
  • 13 essential body measurements. Body weight shows on the scale, other body composition data including weight, BMI, body fat percentage stored in the app. Track everybody's metrics change on Renpho app.
  • User-friendly app. Download Renpho app at App Store or Google Play, also works with Apple Watch (Except for Apple Watch Series 1). Renpho App works with Bluetooth 4.0 And above.
  • High-Quality Innovation. Auto calibration, high precision sensors measure in increments of 0.2 lb, 0.05 kg with 400lbs, 180kg capacity. 4 high sensitive electrodes. DO NOT let the sides of the scale, especially the four corners of the surface tempered glass hit any object, and it is recommended to wrap the four corners of the glass with soft objects.
  • Monitor your progress, unlimited users and baby weighing mode. Renpho connects with apps to help motivate toward your goals, save historical data, and track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress. Use baby weighing mode for weighing baby or pets, 1 scale for whole family, support for adding unlimited users.
On Sale!Bestseller No. 2
Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale - 7 Fitness Indicators & 90-Day Memory
7,434 Reviews
Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale - 7 Fitness Indicators & 90-Day Memory
  • Measures 7 different fitness indicators: Body fat percentage, BMI, skeletal muscle, resting metabolism, visceral fat, body age, and weight
  • Accurately measures body fat percentage using proven bioelectrical impedance method
  • Easy to read digital screen displays body weight up to 330 pounds in seconds. Recommended to take the measurement in the morning before exercise, eat, drink or take a shower. Voltage: 1.5 V
  • Stores up to 4 individual profile settings so the whole family can track their progress with 90 days of memory
  • Retractable cord makes it suitable for adult users up to 6’ 6 3/4” tall, if the weight value is displayed abnormally low or high then place the monitor on a hard and level floor
On Sale!Bestseller No. 3
Scales for Body Weight and Fat, Lescale Large Display Weight Scale, High Accurate Body Fat Scale Digital Bluetooth Bathroom Scale for BMI Heart Rate, 15 Body Composition Analyzer Sync with Fitness App
  • 15 Essential Body Composition Analyzer: Scales for body weight and fat utilizes Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis to calculate 15 body composition measurements, including Weight, BMI, Body Fat, Fat-free Body Weight, Subcutaneous Fat, Heart Rate, Heart Index, Visceral Fat, Body Water, Skeletal Muscle, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Protein, BMR, Body Age. This weight scale is perfect for you to track weight loss and guide you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Extra Large LCD Display: Different from other bathroom scales that only display weight, Our scales for body weight and fat can automatically calculate your body composition and store up to 24 sets data with built-in storage chip. VA display screen shows your 8 measurements including Weight, Body Fat%, BMI, Water%, Muscle Mass, Heart Rate, Bone Mass and Body Type, help you get a clear view of your essential body metrics at a glance. Auto Calibration, Auto On & Off, Auto Zero, overload indication.
  • Syncs with Fitdays APP & Fitness APPs: Download "Fitdays APP" at Apple Store or Google Play. The scale for body weight syncs the data onto your smartphone automatically via Bluetooth 4.0 BLE. The app provides detailed charts and trends of 15 body composition metrics over days, weeks, months or even years. It can also syncs data to fitness APPs like Fitbits, Google Fit, APPLE Health, Samsung Health, which means, you can use our App to track and manage your health anytime, anywhere!
  • High Accurate Digital body fat scales: Compare with other weight scales for people with 4 electrode areas, our body fat scale coated with advanced ITO tech provides much larger sensor area for for all size feet. Equipped with 4 Auto-calibrating G-shaped sensors, the scale with body fat and water weight can make the most accurate measurements of your body composition. The measurement result is accurate to 0.2lb/0.1kg. The maximum weight capacity reaches to 400lb capacity.
  • One Bathroom Scale For 24 Users: You can create up to 24 member profiles in a single APP account. It’s smart enough to automatically recognize who steps on, each user will receive the data on their own devices conveniently. Baby mode make it possible to track the youngest members. Great for family & friends, bodybuilders, or everyday use. Baby mode will help you track your baby weight growth conveniently.
Bestseller No. 4
Withings Body+ Smart Wi-Fi bathroom scale - Scale for Body Weight - Digital Scale and Smart Monitor Incl. Body Composition Scales with Body Fat and Weight loss management, body scale
  • #1 BEST-SELLING SMART SCALE In the US. One of the smartest digital scales for body weight, making it a bathroom essential and home must haves in electronic scale. fsa/hsa eligible
  • BODY COMPOSITION - The withings scale functions as a bmi measurement tool or body fat analyzer. This bathroom scale monitors weight, measures body fat & water %, muscle & more. It's a fitindex scale.
  • HIGHLY COMPATIBLE digital bathroom scale- This digital bluetooth scale, unlike other bathroom scales, syncs with apple watch plus more than 100 top health and fitness apps incl. Apple health & more
  • AUTOMATIC SYNCHRONIZATION - Data from every weigh-in appears automatically via Wi-Fi in the free health Mate app. Making it easy to keep track at home workout progress. An Amazon must haves.
  • ACCURATE WEIGHING - Wi-Fi to ensures your measurement on this body weight scale is accurate & position control technology guides you to getting a precise weight measurement to 100g .
On Sale!Bestseller No. 5
FITINDEX Smart Scale for Body Weight, Digital Bathroom Scale for Body Fat BMI Muscle, Weighting Machine with Bluetooth Body Composition Health Monitor Analyzer Sync Apps for People - White
  • 【Sync & Track Data】The bathroom scale with easy operation, download the Fitindex App, and sync your data with Apple Health, FitBit, Google Fit, Samsung Health, and Apple Watch to track progress. FITINDEX smart scales monitor your fitness trends on the FITINDEX App. Export data in CSV format for long-term storage, manual data entry, and more. Perfect for a bodybuilder, weight loser, teenager, etc. Please be assured that FITINDEX will not share your personal information with any third parties.
  • 【Comprehensive Body Data】The FITINDEX scale for body weight captures 13 essential measurements including weight, body fat, water, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, and bone mass. Accurate data helps you get a complete picture of your physical condition. So you can identify areas for improvement and fine-tune your fitness goals.
  • 【High Precision Design】FITINDEX smart digital scales feature high-quality tempered glass, automatic calibration, and stepper technology. Floor scales provide accurate measurements up to 396 lb/180 kg in 0.2 lb/0.05 kg increments.
  • 【One Scale for The Whole Family】Fitindex body scales can be set up for unlimited users. User profiles for family and friends, this body fat scale is designed with everyone in mind! The Bluetooth scale is equipped with a baby mode that helps to weigh and track the growth of your baby or pet.
  • 【Easy Installation & Setup】Download the FITINDEX App via the App Store or Google Play. Turn on the Bluetooth connection, and after a light step on the calibration, step on the weighing scale again to complete the measurement. Be sure to place the weight scale on a flat and hard platform to weigh.

Newest Body Composition Scale

Feiyx Smart Body Fat Scale, Digital Bathroom Health Weight Monitor,Accurate Home Small Body Fat Scale,Scales Digital Weight and Body Fat Scale, Bluetooth Scale Track Key Body Compositions
  • ✿Features: multi-function body fat scale, scientific weight reduction plasticity
  • ✿Long standby, support for many people, automatic identification on the scale, increase the anti-skid pad, short scale foot design,
  • ✿Design: Multi-functional function, weight accurate to 0.05kg, integrated body, durable, fully enclosed bottom fuselage, uniform force, more precise,
  • ✿Specifications: size 260 * 260 * 25mm,weighing range 0.2-150kg power USB charging, display screen LED display, sensor precision sensor,
  • ✿Our products undergo a rigorous quality inspection, please rest assured to buy.
Scales for Body Weight and Fat,PRTSER Carpet Feet Colorful Large Display Digital Weight Scale,Bathroom Scale Smart Scale 16 Body Composition Analyzer,Rechargeable
  • With an elegant and minimalist black design and high-tech technology, the Carpet Foot Smart Scale brings you visible health status through a color display. Record more detailed data through APP--Fitdays, free download from IOS and Android.
  • Using ITO coated glass technology, the carpet foot smart scale can measure 16 core body data. Not only weight, but also BMI, body fat, subcutaneous fat, body water, protein, BMR, age, etc.
  • Usually, ordinary digital scales are only used on hard and flat ground to obtain accurate weights. To push the limits of carpet, the Carpet Foot Smart Digital Scale can measure on many soft floors. Even the entire room is carpeted and the weight is still accurate.
  • There are 16 core measurement details in the Fitdays app. Every piece of data can be seen and witnessed through charts weekly, monthly and yearly. Chart lines illuminate the way you are developing healthily.
  • The Fitdays APP can sync with 3 social health media - Apple Health, Google Fit and Samsung Health.
DULASP Body Fat Scale, Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom BMI Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer Health Monitor with Tempered Glass Platform Large Digital Backlit LCD (Color : Black)
  • Features: non-slip anti-rollover, G-type sensor, round large scale surface, unit switching, bottom polymer material, integrated molding, dustproof and moisture proof, protect core components, thickened tempered glass,
  • Design: high-precision BIA fat-measuring chip, LED high-definition screen, clear reading, dialing the back, you can eliminate the conversion, ITO conductive coating process,
  • Specifications: material thickened tempered glass, process ITO conductive plating process, sensor G-type sensor, unit conversion pound / kg / kg, display mode LED high-definition screen, size 337 * 337 * 31mm
  • This product is a high quality product, we are committed to the best service, you can rest assured to buy.
  • ACCURATE WEIGHT SCALE: Get the most accurate weight readings you can. auto-calibrating sensors are consistent and precise to the nearest 0.2lbs (0.1kg), perfect for tracking your weight loss.
DULASP Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App sync with Bluetooth, 396 lbs
  • 17 DIFFERENT BODY MEASUREMENTS - Dual BIA Technology uses two different frequencies to accurately find 17 different measurements, including body mass index, muscle mass, and obesity level.
  • UP TO 8 USERS PER DEVICE - recognizes users and tracks results for up to 8 different people, including your baby, while keeping individual results private.
  • INTEGRATED APP FOR iOS AND ANDROID - keeps your measurements on your smartphone device. Track the progress of your body health indicators and set weigh-in reminders.
  • WEIGHT MANAGEMENT - Dara helps you be more aware of how your diet and lifestyle affects each aspect of your body health. Athlete & infant modes increase effectiveness for all types of users.
  • AWARD-WINNING PRECISION TECHNOLOGY - prides itself on manufacturing precise weighing mechanisms that ensure body composition measurement accuracy.
DULASP Body Fat Scale, Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Health Weight Monitor, Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with High Accuracy Smartphone App 400 lbs
  • Ultrathin design with slim body, you can store it anywhere.
  • Easy to use: Read the reading immediately after stepping on it.
  • Safety and comfort: The rounded corner design helps make the scale anti-scratch and shatterproof. Ultra-thin, only 19 mm thick
  • sensor, intelligent identification family members, small bridge panel, slim body, hidden LED display, large closed rounded corner, ABS bottom case,
  • Design: use high-precision G-type sensor to reduce the error value, family storage, integrated body design to enhance the flatness of the scale, high transmittance ultra-white tempered glass, anti-slip ancient patch