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Looking for the Best Butterfly Bandaids available to buy right now on Amazon but don’t want to have to do all the research on the pros and cons of the different types of Butterfly Bandaids?

Pop Expert have put together this list of the top 10 selling Butterfly Bandaids on Amazon – sorted by overall popularity and positive consumer reviews.

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Bestseller No. 1
Curad Waterproof Butterfly Adhesive Bandages, 1.75' x .375', 12 Count
685 Reviews
Curad Waterproof Butterfly Adhesive Bandages, 1.75" x .375", 12 Count
  • Hospital-quality butterfly bandages close and secure small wounds and incisions
  • Strong adhesive designed to hold tight for stability and support, even when wet
  • Thin, comfortable backing is moisture-resistant
  • Individually wrapped and sterile for protection and convenience
  • Latex-free, it is safe to use if your skin is sensitive or allergic to natural rubber latex
Bestseller No. 2
Dukal Butterfly Closure Strips. Pack of 100 Adhesive Wound Closure Bandages. Sterile Bandages for Wound Protection. Single use. Individually Wrapped. Easy to Apply.
1,281 Reviews
Dukal Butterfly Closure Strips. Pack of 100 Adhesive Wound Closure Bandages. Sterile Bandages for Wound Protection. Single use. Individually Wrapped. Easy to Apply.
  • Wound Closure Strips: Butterfly wound closures are specially designed to help protect and secure small wounds. Size of each bandage: 3/8 x 1 13/16 inch. Quantity: 100 strips. Come in boxes for ease of use. Each box contains 100 butterfly strips. Individually wrapped in easy to peel pouches.
  • Encourage The Skin to Heal: Each first aid bandage helps to close edges of a small wound and encourage skin to heal. Provides gentle, secure, long-lasting fixation with little interruption to surrounding or healing skin tissue.
  • Convenient Wound Care: Sterile butterfly bandages pulls skin on either side of wound together. Each strip easily conforms to skin and minimizes patient discomfort, featuring comfortable fit. Specifically designed for medical professionals or personal use.
  • Wound Support: Skin closures offer an outstanding low cost protection for wounds. Specially designed to increases tensile strength of the affected area. Non-stick center of these butterfly strips ensures comfort and ease of removal.
  • Application: Butterfly closure bandages are used for protection of minor cuts, scrapes. Sterile strips protect the wounds from friction, damage, dirt. Thus, healing process of body is less disturbed. Suitable for adults and children. Each latex-free bandage allows quick one-step application.
Bestseller No. 4
MED PRIDE Butterfly Wound Closures [Pack of 100 Butterfly Stitch Bandages]- Sterile Wound Closure Strips with Non-Stick Pad & Hypoallergenic Adhesive- Rubber/Latex Free for Cuts & Injuries
559 Reviews
MED PRIDE Butterfly Wound Closures [Pack of 100 Butterfly Stitch Bandages]- Sterile Wound Closure Strips with Non-Stick Pad & Hypoallergenic Adhesive- Rubber/Latex Free for Cuts & Injuries
  • TAKE CARE OF SMALL, SHALLOW CUTS & INJURIES AT HOME: Accelerate the healing of any small and shallow cut or wound with these hospital-grade butterfly stitches that will keep the impacted skin together, allowing for faster and easier recovery. A great way to handle any trauma situations= and seal knife cuts, razor cuts or any minor injuries at home, school, travels and more!
  • INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED STERILE SKIN CLOSURE STRIPS: Each of these sterile strip skin closures come in individually wrapped package to remain all over clean and hygiene until use. Along with their 100% sterile synthesis with a non-stick pad, you can always keep a couple of them in your bag and be ready to tackle any minor incident with utmost safety.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC ADHESIVE – NATURAL LATEX & RUBBER FREE: Made of the highest quality materials and hypoallergenic adhesive, the Medpride butterfly wound band-aids are safe to use even on the most sensitive skin types, for kids and adults alike. Completely free of natural rubber latex, they make a suitable choice even for people prone to skin allergies and irritations.
  • STRONG ADHESIVE FOR COMFORTABLE FIT: Boasting a breathable, lightweight and easy to apply design for hassle-free use, these cut closure bandages are a great way to help heal the wounded area without holding you back from your daily activities. A must-have addition to your wound-care products and first-aid kit. [Available in 2 sizes: Medium: 3/8'' x 1-13/16'' | Large: 1/2'' x 2-3/4'']
  • ORDER WITH PEACE OF MIND: Medpride is your trusted supplier of effective, top quality medical products that you can count on to equip your personal or professional medical kit. Backed by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, you have every good reason to choose Medpride for all your personal care supplies!
Bestseller No. 5
Butterfly Hugs - Premium Adhesive Butterfly Bandages from Hug-a-BooBoo, The Amazing Butterfly Bandages That Hug! Pretty Colorful Butterfies 44 Count Box
1,043 Reviews
Butterfly Hugs - Premium Adhesive Butterfly Bandages from Hug-a-BooBoo, The Amazing Butterfly Bandages That Hug! Pretty Colorful Butterfies 44 Count Box
  • Every BooBoo Needs a Hug, so we created a bandage that gives one - and now our Amazing Hug-a-BooBoos feature Beautiful Butterflies! Yes, Butterfly Bandages with Amazing Butterflies on them! The adorable Butterflies on Hug-a-BooBoo Premium adhesive bandages all have outstretched wings, just waiting to give a comforting hug to any scrape or cut! No booboo - no problem! You can wear one anyway!
  • More Than Just Another Cute Bandage. Hug-a-BooBoo’s unique premium padding has small extensions that give extra protection to sensitive areas around a wound. Our padding is also thicker than other brands for extra comfort and absorbency. That’s a special hug!
  • Great Sticking Power and a smooth, comfortable, water-resistant surface. Like wearing a second skin.
  • Those Special Hugging Wings send a comforting message that truly connects with the person waring it - giving a sense of comfort like nothing else! A Bunch of Hugs in Every Box!
  • Latex Free with island-type padding that seals all around to keep out dirt and germs.

Newest Butterfly Bandaids

1pcs Butterfly Bandages for Wound Closure,Wound Closure Strips, Emergency Wound Closure Device, Adhesive Seamless Cuttable Hygienic Zip Stitch Wound Bandages
  • [EASY SUTURE OF CUT & LACERATION] - This laceration closure kit is made of hypoallergenic and medical-grade adhesion which can make this wound closure kit simple to apply on the skin, pull wound edges to make fast and easy closure of laceration and keep wound close in place during healing to minimize unnecessary scarring caused by stitches.
  • [ENHANCED RECOVERY] - These strips can secure wound closure strongly to prevent excessive movement and exposure of wound and stimulate skin’s natural healing capabilities so that minimize unnecessary scarring caused by stitches and enhance comfortable and painless healing.
  • [PRINCIPLE] - Wound Closure Strips can provide proper anti tension to resist the pull of skin tissue and external forces on scar tissue to inhibit the probability of scar growth.
  • [PAINLESS & SEWLESS CLOSURE OF WOUND] - Wound closure strips are sewless and easy-to-use alternative to stitches for the treatment of small cuts and lacerations. Effectively helps sewlessly tighten wound, reduce secondary trauma, enhance painless recovery and reduces scarring.
  • [CUTTABLE SIZE] - By cutting the size, one piece Wound Closure Strips can be cutted into multiple pieces, and you can freely combine them according to the actual situation of the wound.
Welly Bandage Family Pack | Adhesive Flexible Fabric & Waterproof Bandages | Assorted Shapes and Patterns for Minor Cuts, Scrapes, and Wounds - 80 Count
  • Family pack: bandage badges of honor that help adventurers wear bumps and cuts with pride
  • 80 count flex fabric and waterproof bandages
  • 30 small flex fabric bandages, 30 standard flex fabric bandages, 9 medium waterproof bandages, 3 small waterproof bandages, 4 XL flex fabric bandages and 4 fingertip flex fabric bandages
  • 10 unique patterns to help you wear your bumps and cuts with pride
  • Sealed on all 4 sides to protect from germs and dirt
Nepia Refill Pack Knuckle Bandages for Sensitive Skin, 25 Count Eco Friendly & Latex Free Bamboo Bandages, Compostable Biodegradable Sterile Adhesive Bandages, Flexible & First Aid
  • Refill your eco-tin : Running low on our Nepia bandages? Our refill pack comes with 25 count knuckle bandages, ensuring your commitment to sustainability while keeping your tin well-stocked.
  • Renewable wound care: Refresh your wound care supply with our renewal pack, this replacement option maintains your painless and sterile approach to healing, all designed for painless removal and environmentally-friendly disposal.
  • Reload with diversity: Customize your adhesive bandages according to your preference with different bandage shapes! Nepia also offers fingertip and square shaped bandages pack, to meet all your needs for different shapes of compostable bandages.
  • Good for Sensitive Skin: Our bamboo bandages passed the sensory test by UL labs in USA. The test result shows that the bandages have excellent stickness power to skin without irritation. Latex free bandages has 4-sided sealed to keep out germs and dirt, zero pain when removed.
  • Keep cuts in check: Don't let cuts slow you down. Our bandage pack contains 25 count bandages, ensuring you're always prepared for life's little mishaps, all while supporting a plastic-free world.
Emergency Wound Closure Device, 2 Pcs Zip Stitch Butterfly Bandaids with Wound Dresssings, Wound Closure Strips Without Suture, Quick Clot for Cut, Incision, Tear (3-Strap)
  • 👉Quick and Effective Wound Closure: These comprehensive kit in addition to 2 wound closure straps, contains 4 cleaning wipes, 4 swabs, 2 PVC gloves, and 2 waterproof non-woven dressings. They're a great alternative to stitches, skin glue, and butterfly closures. Undoubtedly, you can easily treat cuts with our wound care products kit.
  • 👉Adjustable and Firm Secure: Easily customize the tension of zip stitch sutures with 3 adjustable clasps. This wound closure kit is crafted from hypoallergenic materials, designed for professional adhesion, ensuring a secure closure that is 8 times stronger than traditional stitches. It shields wounds from exposure and maintains secure closure even during joint flexion.
  • 👉Easy to Apply & Remove: Apply to skin, gently pull wound edges to close cuts, and secure during healing. Conveniently close cuts wherever you are, swiftly and trauma-free. Moreover, once the healing is complete, you can peel the device off the skin like a dressing, saving time and reducing costly ER visits.
  • 👉Pain-Free and Scar-Free: Compared to staples and sutures. it's non-puncture, won't induce fresh pain or trauma to the wound area, and simultaneously minimizes unnecessary scarring caused by sutures.
  • 👉Be Prepared, Avoid Regrets: Your emergency kit isn't complete without wound closure devices. Stay ready for unexpected incidents anytime, anywhere; it's best to carry these devices with you for urgent treatment of severe wounds, saving time in critical moments.
100 Colorful Neon Sheer Plastic Adhesive Bandages – 3/4" x 3" Bandage Strips for Kids with Absorbent Nonstick Pads and 4-Sided Seal - 5 Bright Neon Colors, Yellow, Pink, Purple, Green & Blue
  • MULTIPLE COLORS - These adhesive bandages come with an assortment of multiple bright neon colors, yellow, pink, purple, green and blue. Each adhesive measures ¾ of an inch wide by 3 inches long. These child friendly bandages are great for children and toddlers.
  • 4-SIDED SEAL - Each kid-friendly bandage strip seals on all 4 sides of the absorbent pad to help keep out dirt and germs from any open or healing wounds. 
  • LONG-LASTING AND BREATHABLE – Our neon bandages are manufactured from strong, sheer, ventilated plastic and are coated with a long-lasting adhesive. These fun kid's bandages are great to be used as a protective dressing on cuts and abrasions.
  • NON-STICK PAD – Each multi color kid-friendly bandage features a small non-stick fluid absorption pad for easy painless removal. The pad on these adhesive bandages allows the dressing to absorb, without adhering to the wound. 
  • SAFE, STERILE AND LATEX FREE – Each colorful adhesive bandage comes in a sterilized individually sealed packet. The adhesive bandages are not made from latex, which is ideal for those with latex allergies.