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Looking for the Best Civil War Game available to buy right now on Amazon but don’t want to have to do all the research on the pros and cons of the different types of Civil War Game?

Pop Expert have put together this list of the top 10 selling Civil War Game on Amazon – sorted by overall popularity and positive consumer reviews.

The Pop Expert list of top selling Civil War Game is the ideal place to start when you are trying to find the Best Civil War Game for your neeeds.

Popular Civil War Game on Amazon

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On Sale!Bestseller No. 1
History Channel Civil War: A Nation Divided - Xbox 360 (Renewed)
2 Reviews
Bestseller No. 2
Outset Media Professor Noggin's Civil War Trivia Card Game - an Educational Trivia Based Card Game for Kids - Trivia, True or False, and Multiple Choice - Ages 7+ - Contains 30 Trivia Cards
65 Reviews
Outset Media Professor Noggin's Civil War Trivia Card Game - an Educational Trivia Based Card Game for Kids - Trivia, True or False, and Multiple Choice - Ages 7+ - Contains 30 Trivia Cards
  • PLAY & LEARN: Professor Noggin’s series of educational card games encourages kids to learn interesting facts about their favorite subjects.
  • FUN FACTS: History can be a tough subject to make fun for some children. The Civil War card game takes fun facts beyond dates and timelines to make it an interesting and engaging subject to learn about. Famous Battles, Heroes, and 'Life As..' topics make this a fun kids card game.
  • CARD GAME: Each of the thirty game cards combines trivia, true or false, and multiple-choice questions. A special three-numbered die is included which adds an element of unpredictability.
  • TWO-LEVELS OF PLAY: Easy and hard levels keep kids interested and challenged while of course having fun.
  • INCLUDES: 30 trivia cards, one three-sided die and instructions. ( 2 to 8 players ages 7 and up)
Bestseller No. 3
GMT Games The U.S. Civil War
35 Reviews
GMT Games The U.S. Civil War
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Excellent Quality.
  • Great Gift Idea.
  • Satisfaction Ensured.
  • Produced with the highest grade materials
Bestseller No. 4
Warlord Black Powder Epic Battles American Civil War Union Brigade Military Table Top Wargaming Plastic Model Kit 312414003
  • From the popular game of Black Powder, brought to you by Warlord Games, comes one of the most pivotal wars in American history: American Civil War. Dividing a nation between the North and South, the Union and the Confederacy battled it out across the states between 1861 to 1865.
  • Black Powder – Epic Battles is based on the award-winning Black Powder Rules, with additional period-flavor tweaks and scenarios, designed to make Epic Battles – American Civil War the perfect place to get started with games set in this fascinating period of military history.
  • Reenact crucial battles in history within this tabletop combat game using dice, troops are 15mm figures, and rules constructed by Warlord Games against one or more opponents.
  • Built to be played on large tabletops, such as a pool table and multiplayer with as many people as you want, Black Powder was originally created to be a club game. A standard move is 12 ins for infantry, 18 in for Cavalry. Each player will need to have a measuring tape handy as they are not included.
  • Build, paint and play! The construction and painting of the models and watching them come to life are just as much fun as the game itself!

Newest Civil War Game

Black Powder: American Civil War - Artillery Battery
  • Box contains 3 Warlord Resin American Civil War guns with 4 crew each and a variety of gun barrel options, MDF Snake Fence scenery and cap badge decal sheet.
  • options: 3x Union 12-pdr Napoleon, 1x Confederate 12-pdr Napoleon, 1x 12-pdr howitzer, 1x 10-pdr Parrott rifle, 3x 6-pdr Napoleon & 1x 3-inch ordnance
  • Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
Bolt Action Korean War: Chinese PVA Weapons Teams
  • Contains three Bolt Action Order Dice and the following Warlord Resin PlusTM figures: 2-man Light Mortar team 2-man Flamethrower team 2-man super bazooka team
  • Models supplied unassembled and unpainted
  • Infantry weapons teams are a key component of any Bolt Action army, providing as they do great tactical flexibility for your force.
Compass Games Europe in Turmoil II: The Interbellum Years 1920-1939 Board Game
  • Players: Two
  • Complexity: Low to Medium
  • Time Scale: 2 years per turn
  • Playing time: 3-4 hours
On Sale!New
Kingmaker Board Game | Strategy War Game | Tabletop Game
  • REVAMPED CLASSIC KINGMAKER: Gibsons introduces the legendary Kingmaker in an enhanced edition, featuring a complete redesign and three brand-new game modes. Dive into the 15th Century Wars of the Roses in this complex, tactical board game.
  • IMMERSIVE HISTORICAL GAMEPLAY: Enter a world of shifting alliances and devious power games. Deploy armies, win titles, recruit houses, and kidnap royals to rise to power and claim the throne.
  • FOUR DISTINCT GAME MODES: Choose from the Original Classic Game, the updated Kingmaker II with shorter playtime and multiple win conditions, the Extended Version with additional cards and rules, or the Solo Play mode designed by Steve Froud against an AI opponent.
  • A STRATEGIST'S DREAM: Meticulously crafted by working with original inventor Andrew McNeil, Kingmaker is ideal for master tacticians, elite strategists, and history enthusiasts. Challenge your intellect and strategy skills in this captivating board game.
  • GAME DETAILS: 1-6 Players | Ages 14+ | Duration: 2+ hours | Contains: 1 game board, 1 map, 4 player aids, 7 double-sided Royal pieces, 6 sets of 24 double-sided Noble pieces, 6 sets of 20 faction markers, 6 Stack markers, 9 Ship pieces, 9 Alliance markers, 1 Start player marker, 3 Besieged markers, 1 King's Peace marker, 74 Crowned cards, 99 Event cards, 4 City cards
Obetuens 12" x 12" Portable Wooden Chess Set 3 in 1 Game Set Chess Checkers Backgammon with Folding Board and Handcrafted Wooden Pieces
  • 【Elegant & Practical Design】- This 12" x 12" Portable Wooden Chess Set 3 in 1 Game Set offers a unique combination of chess, checkers, and backgammon in one foldable board, making it an ideal choice for game enthusiasts and those seeking a versatile and educational toy for children. Its handcrafted wooden pieces and foldable design make it easy to carry and store, perfect for travel or leisure time.
  • 【Versatile & Age-Appropriate】- Suitable for players of all ages, this 3 in 1 Multi-functional Folding Wooden Chess Checkers Board Game is not only a great gift choice but also helps to foster logical thinking and stimulate the brain. The wide range of applications makes it a perfect educational toy for children, and its unique design and easy-to-carry convenience make it ideal for adults on-the-go.
  • 【Stimulating & Entertaining】- The 3-in-1 design of this Portable Draughts Set combines the strategic challenges of chess, the fast-paced action of checkers, and the intricate rules of backgammon, offering a variety of gameplay experiences. The wooden chessboard provides a classic touch that enhances the game's appeal, making it enjoyable during leisure activities, travel, or even while waiting
  • 【Quality & Durability】- Crafted from high-quality wood, this Wooden 3 in 1 Chess Board is designed to last, ensuring you can enjoy years of gameplay. Its foldable chessboard set is easy to set up and fold away, providing convenience and saving space when not in use. The chess pieces are securely stored in the board, ensuring they stay safe during transportation or storage.
  • 【Ideal Gift Choice】- As an excellent gift choice for friends and family, this Good for training logical thinking and exercise the brain Wooden Chess Checkers Board Game Portable Draughts Set is sure to be well-received. Its attractive design and engaging gameplay make it a perfect choice for any occasion, whether it's a birthday, holiday, or just to show your appreciation.