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Looking for the Best Comfort Trac Cervical Traction Unit available to buy right now on Amazon but don’t want to have to do all the research on the pros and cons of the different types of Comfort Trac Cervical Traction Unit?

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Bestseller No. 1
ComforTrac-Deluxe Home Cervical Traction Kit 2.0, Neck Therapy, Discomfort Relief, Relieve Cervicalgia, Degeneration of Disc, Spondylosis, and More, Carrying Case Included
1,360 Reviews
ComforTrac-Deluxe Home Cervical Traction Kit 2.0, Neck Therapy, Discomfort Relief, Relieve Cervicalgia, Degeneration of Disc, Spondylosis, and More, Carrying Case Included
  • NATURAL DISCOMFORT RELIEF. Try natural discomfort relief for a host of neck problems such as degenerative disc diseases, cervicalgia, herniated discs, bulging discs, radiculopathies, and more; thereby reducing the need for medication or drugs.
  • EASY TO ADJUST. This home cervical traction unit has a fully adjustable angle of incline without the need to order extra parts. It easily adjusts to ten, fifteen, and twenty degrees for the best results. All parts and functionality of the ComforTrac Cervical Traction Unit are designed to maximize comfort.
  • AT-HOME COMFORT. ComforTrac's deluxe headrest is made from a soft, contouring memory foam pillow offering maximum comfort no matter where you are, including at home.
  • HIGHLY-EFFECTIVE TRACTION. This cervical traction kit cradles the head while independently adjusting the neck wedges providing the best custom fit for you. The patented hand pump makes it easy to increase traction force while a quick-release button allows one-handed decrease of traction. This ComforTrac kit offers immediate results for those who have compression of the spine and provides cervical decompression to help eliminate pain while promoting active rehabilitation.
  • CARRYING CASE INCLUDED. Get effortless transportation using the lightweight, durable carrying case. This case provides secure storage and easy transport of the ComforTrac Cervical Traction Unit.
Bestseller No. 2
iSTIM WeTrac Cervical Neck Traction, Relaxer and Stretcher, Pain Relief for Spinal Decompression, Relieving Pinched Nerves, and Cervical Pain, Home Use, with Travel Bag
  • Wetrac Home-Use Pain Relief Cervical Traction: Stretching your neck with Knob-turning technology. Controllable intensity level (up to 50 lbs) and upgraded cable design bring the ultimate relaxation for headaches, neck pain, shoulder muscle soreness and spinal tension. Wetrac cervical traction is designed for relieving the pain that due to the poor posture, muscle imbalances, weakness and misalignment. Truly drug-free pain relief traction device by iStim Wetrac.
  • Get Immediate Pain Relief from Relaxation: 10 minutes stretch effectively reduce your awful pain. Get the powerful stretching to alleviate your stiff neck, soothe away the spinal pressure, and get rid of the long-term disturbing migraine. Physical therapy’s neck traction unit in home use version gives you more flexibility to get started your pain relief and pressure decompressed treatment anytime and everywhere. 10 minutes each time and 1-2 times per day is highly recommended.
  • Adjustable Angle & Precise Intensity level: By adjusting the neck wedges, traction incline angle and intensity level, you could get the perfect customized relaxation. With iStim Wetrac, you could easily find your personal perfect angle to operate the stretch. Increasing blood circulation, eliminating neck and muscle stress, relieving fatigue after all day seating in the office. Note: Please Do Not turn the intensity knob while the traction device is under releasing.
  • Portable Therapy & No Assembly Required: iStim Wetrac comes with a carrying bag that you could easily travel with. Wetrac neck traction machine is ready to use, no assembly is required. Receive your immediate neck relax wherever you are. Instead of the traditional air-pumping traction device, our updated knob-turning cable technology will give you a whole new therapy experience, which is more reliable, effective and effortless pain relief treatment.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE : Please make sure your head are FIRMLY SEATED on the traction device BEFORE STARTING TO TURN THE KNOB. The machine will not work properly without carrying any weight. Patented Product, Well Made in Taiwan with Reliable Quality. If you have any question with our iStim Wetrac Cervical Traction device, please contact us immediately to get the support. iStim is a trustworthy brand and our impressive customer support is ready to help.
Bestseller No. 3
ComforTrac Premium Home Cervical Traction Kit 3.0, Neck Therapy, Discomfort Relief, Relieve Cervicalgia, Degeneration of Disc, Spondylosis, and More
  • Natural Pain Relief: Premium neck traction device by industry leader ComforTrac is designed for optimal pain relief across a range of spinal conditions, including degenerative disc diseases, cervicalgia, herniated discs, bulging discs, and more. Experience immediate relief from headaches, neck pain, shoulder tension, and pain related to poor posture and muscle weakness.
  • Proven Spinal Decompression for Rapid Relief: Backed by extensive clinical research and 15,000 cycles of testing, ComforTrac Cervical 3.0 Traction offers an easy and effective way to manage pain and pressure in the cervical spine without the use of medication or invasive techniques. With effective treatment times as little as 10 mins per day, powerful relief from your neck pain is always just moments away.
  • Engineered with You in Mind: The ComforTrac Cervical 3.0 units is designed to make spinal decompression simple and convenient, providing a truly accessible solution for managing neck pain and headaches. Experience the benefits from the comfort of your own home or on the go with a custom carrying case.
  • Designed for Comfort: The new 3.0 unit’s ergonomic design guarantees a smooth operation, allowing you to effortlessly adjust and control the traction force to suit your needs. The easy-to-read gauge ensures you can easily monitor your progress as you work towards relief.
  • Take Control of Your Pain Management Journey: Crafted from premium materials, ComforTrac Cervical 3.0 units are built to last, ensuring long-term support. This trusted solution offers extended durability and resilience you can depend on, all with minimal required setup. Experience the difference of ComforTrac Cervical Traction and feel better faster with improved mobility, enhanced range of motion, and optimal spinal alignment.
Bestseller No. 4
ComforTrac Cervical Home Traction 1.0 - The Original ComforTrac, for Spinal Decompression, Relieving Pinched Nerves, and Cervical Pain, with Carrying case
370 Reviews
ComforTrac Cervical Home Traction 1.0 - The Original ComforTrac, for Spinal Decompression, Relieving Pinched Nerves, and Cervical Pain, with Carrying case
  • DRUG-FREE PAIN RELIEF – A natural pain reliever for degenerative disc disease, cervicalgia, herniated discs, bulging discs, radiculopathies, and many other neck problems
  • COMFORTABLE AND EASY TO USE – This patented product comes with contouring adjustable neck cradle for a custom fit that secures the neck while providing cervical traction
  • IMMEDIATE RESULTS – For those who have compression of the cervical spine, ComforTrac provides decompression that can help eliminate pain from the very first use
  • HOME CERVICAL TRACTION SYSTEM – Relieve neck pain using cervical traction in the privacy of your own home
Bestseller No. 5
Comfortrac Cervical Traction Device, Unit Only
  • The excellent quality of the products, manufactured by skilled and specially trained personnel
  • The uncompromising flexibility of processing customer requirements
  • This product is manufactured in united states

Newest Comfort Trac Cervical Traction Unit

Cervical Neck Traction Device for Pain Relief, Upgraded Inflatable Neck Stretcher, Adjustable Neck Brace with Removable Air Pump, Neck Traction Device for Use at Home or on Trips
  • 【Adjustable & Inflatable Cervical Traction Device】The improved stretching technique by cervical device helps to better stretch and elongate your neck muscles, improve your neck posture, effectively alleviate neck pain, stiffness, muscle tension, fatigue, and the pressure from long hours of work.
  • 【Specially Designed for Neck Stretching】Unlike typical cervical collars, our neck stretcher features a higher front and lower back, allowing the head can be lifted better. Because the correct neck posture is good for relaxing the spine and neck muscles. And our product consists of 3 independently inflatable cushions of different sizes, with the top cushion being narrow and the bottom cushion being wide. This design better wraps around the neck, providing better concentrated traction to the neck.
  • 【Safer and More Durable Materials】We use our own developed double-layer fabric at K LUDWIG KATRIN, which is gentle on the skin and odorless. This fabric has a better cleaning surface and is not easily broken. Additionally, our inflatable tube is made of a more expensive medical-grade natural rubber (non-oxidizing, without any disposable odors), while most neck traction devices use black inflatable tubes made mostly of cheap rubber (NBR), which can melt easily and emit chemical odors.
  • 【Innovative Removable Inflation Pump Design】Our inflatable neck brace is the first on the market to feature a removable air pump. The innovative inflation system makes the process simpler and more convenient. After inflating it by putting it around your neck, you can easily detach the pump that may hinder your movement. This allows you to stretch your neck comfortably while doing things. The LK neck brace can also serve as a travel pillow, and we provide a storage pouch for easy carrying, allowing you to enjoy neck support anywhere, anytime.
  • 【About K LUDWIG KATRIN】K LUDWIG KATRIN has over 15 years of experience in neck rehabilitation and care, having served over 100,000 customers worldwide. If there are any quality issues with our cervical traction device, please feel free to contact us, and we will solve the problem for you within 24 hours.
Cervical Neck Traction Device: Neck Stretcher for Cervical Pain Relief, Manual Air Pump with 3 Power Traction, Built-in 8 Airbag, Improved Stretcher for Neck Decompression and Neck Tension Relief
  • 【Improved Solution for Cervical Issues】This specialized cervical neck traction device employs the principles of bionic ergonomics, simulating a doctor's traction method with its omnidirectional design, effectively immobilizing the cervical spine. Unlike traditional traction tools with chin straps, this neck stretcher offers flexible use both indoors and outdoors.
  • 【Comfortable Support with Balancing Traction】There a pair of knobs on the left and right sides that can be adjusted up and down. Each time turn both side knobs 180-degree counterclockwise, the device will rise and push the cervical synchronously, keeping the same traction force on both sides of the cervical. At the initial stage, just start with minimum traction intensity.
  • 【Effective Healing with Ergonomic Design】Featuring 8 inflatable columns in the rear airbag, designed to match the physiological curvature of the human cervical spine at approximately 20 degrees. Upon inflation, the airbag perfectly conforms to the cervical spine and provides appropriate traction. Use for 10-20 minutes per session, 2-3 times daily, and the discomfort symptoms will gradually disappear!
  • 【Convenient Manual Inflation】Our upgraded device features an manually controlled air pump, enabling effortless inflation. Simply squeeze the pump handle at a constant speed, ensuring even traction force distribution to both ends of the neck. This elongates the intervertebral space, reducing vertebral burden and alleviating pain effectively.
  • 【Doctor Recommended Traction Device】Applicable to: 1) The doctor recommends traction and stretching of the cervical spine (Diagnosis of cervical spondylosis by MRI, X-ray, or CT). 2) Long-term cervical spine compression pain. 3) Numbness in the shoulders and arms. 4) Hear a sound or feel dizzy when rotating your cervical spine. 5) Traction the condyles of the cervical spine, not fix.
On Sale!New
RESTCLOUD Cervical Traction Device with Overnight Cervical Neck Traction Pillow for Sleeping, Neck Stretcher for TMJ Pain Relief
  • Relief Neck Pain in just 10 minutes by using C-shape Cervical Traction Device. Simple and effective physical solutions to sooth away stiff neck, helps in restoring proper cervical curvature associated with consistent use.
  • C-shape Cervical Traction Can't be used as an ordinary pillow all night long. The Cervical Pillow is an overnight version.
  • Sleeping on the overnight version Cervical Traction Pillow to consolidate the result of Neck stretch from C-shape Cervical Traction, neck pain relief.
  • The overnight version contains two functions. When inflating, it is a neck stretcher. Helps to restore issues associated with stiff neck, straight neck, military neck and forward head posture. 30 minutes per day.
  • Neck Support all night: cervical pillow provides a proper height for neck keeping a healthy curvature all night by simply deflating all air, relief the neck pain.
THYXGS Cervical Neck Traction Device, Detachable Pump, Cervical Traction Device with Adjustable Traction and 6 Built-in Airbag Support, Neck Pain Relief and Relaxation
  • ★Skin-friendly fabric: The parts that come into contact with the skin absorb sweat and are breathable, so they won’t feel stuffy after being worn for a long time.
  • ★Just like a physical therapist: Our improved cervical traction device pushes up the cervical spine from both sides simultaneously by maintaining the correct neck posture, effectively opening the intervertebral space and reducing pressure on the nerves. Allowing maximum mobility, rather than being restricted to doorways, it can be used at home while watching TV, doing household chores and working.
  • ★Reverse C high-pressure air column: Built-in 6 air columns, the air columns generate traction when inflated, providing important neck and back support. After inflating, the pulling and pushing forces produced by the vertical air pressure on the cervical spine will evenly stretch the neck muscles. Note that it will take time for your neck to adjust to the new curvature, so you may feel pain from the traction initially.
  • ★Detachable pump: humanized design, portable and explosion-proof; steel frame: scientific synchronous traction on the left and right; wear-resistant frame: light weight, wear-resistant.
  • ★The neck traction device is adjustable: Designed for normal cervical intervertebral height, you only need to adjust the rear knob to achieve normal physiological curvature, produce gentle stretching, and prevent excessive stretching of the cervical spine. Please start with the lowest settings when using it for the first time.
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Pogcay Neck Stretcher for Neck Pain Relief, Cervical Neck Traction Device, Neck Traction Device for Home Use, Neck Decompression Devices, Inflatable Stretcher, Neck Decompression(Gray)
72 Reviews
Pogcay Neck Stretcher for Neck Pain Relief, Cervical Neck Traction Device, Neck Traction Device for Home Use, Neck Decompression Devices, Inflatable Stretcher, Neck Decompression(Gray)
  • 【Adjustable Neck Traction Device】 This cervical traction device features three inflatable air chambers, allowing you to customize the inflation level for optimal neck support. Effectively alleviate neck pain, stiffness, and muscle tension, easing fatigue and stress from prolonged work hours.
  • 【Ergonomic Design for Maximum Comfort】 Designed with the human neck's contours in mind, this neck decompression device is ergonomically crafted for a perfect fit. Two Velcro straps enable you to adjust the tightness to your preference, ensuring the neck brace is comfortably positioned for superior comfort and decompression.
  • 【Chiropractor Recommended】 Endorsed by chiropractors, this inflatable neck stretcher provides spinal alignment and relief from chronic neck pain. It mimics the effects of a physical therapist at home, correcting neck posture, enhancing blood circulation, oxygenating muscles and tendons, and alleviating pain for a rejuvenated neck and shoulder experience.
  • 【Premium Quality Materials】 Crafted from cozy flocking fabric, our neck traction pillow is exceptionally skin-friendly and soft, minimizing any foreign body sensation or discomfort. The triple air leakage prevention design ensures durability, even with frequent use, providing a reliable and leak-free experience.
  • 【Easy to Use and Portable】 Lightweight and compact, this inflatable neck stretcher is easy to carry whether you're at work or taking a break. Simple to use, just place it around your neck, inflate, and enjoy the benefits of a neck traction pillow.