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Looking for the Best Commercial Ozone Generator available to buy right now on Amazon but don’t want to have to do all the research on the pros and cons of the different types of Commercial Ozone Generator?

Pop Expert have put together this list of the top 10 selling Commercial Ozone Generator on Amazon – sorted by overall popularity and positive consumer reviews.

The Pop Expert list of top selling Commercial Ozone Generator is the ideal place to start when you are trying to find the Best Commercial Ozone Generator for your neeeds.

Popular Commercial Ozone Generator on Amazon

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On Sale!Bestseller No. 1
Enerzen Ozone Generator 11,000mg Industrial O3 Air Purifier Deodorizer (11,000mg - Black)
17,782 Reviews
Enerzen Ozone Generator 11,000mg Industrial O3 Air Purifier Deodorizer (11,000mg - Black)
  • BETTER RESULTS W/ UNIQUE PULSATING FEATURE: Enerzen's O-777 circuit board with 11,000 mg/h adjusts fan speed and ozone output to create a "pulsating" effect. This aids in destroying any lingering "musty" or imbedded odors and results in longer lasting treatments.
  • DESTROYS ODORS YOU CAN'T REACH: Ozone reacts directly with contaminents in the air, water, fabrics, and walls to destroy instead of mask them. Unlike other types of air purifiers, it does not require air passing through the machine to eliminate odors.
  • COMMON USES: Odor decontamination in cars, boats, dumpsters, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, flood and fire affected areas, as well as any cooking, smoking, pet, "musty", or general odors.
  • EASY OPERATION: Turn the timer knob. Leave the space. When ozone generation is finished, allow an additional 30 minutes for any residual ozone to revert back to breathable air.
  • WARNING: All ozone generators are meant to be operated in unoccupied spaces only. Remove any people, pets, or plants. The space may be re-occupied after 30 minutes of "airing out". Not available for sale in California. EPA Est. No.: 94263-CHN-1
On Sale!Bestseller No. 2
Commercial Ozone Generator 10000mg/h Remote Control Timing Ozone Machine Odor Eliminator Industrial O3 Ozone ionizer purifiers Deodorizer Ozonator for Rooms, Car , Home, auto, Smoke, Cars and Pets
  • Ozone Generator produces 10,000 mg / hour of ozone, which effectively removes odor and is suitable for bedrooms, offices, hotels, restaurants, garages, basements, pet areas, home, car, hospitals, schools, or fire or water-damaged areas.
  • REMOTE CONTROL - Control your Ozone generator via your phone whenever and wherever you are after downloading the FREE APP Smart Life as long as there is a network.
  • Set the timer and leave it at home for thorough air cleaning. You can control Ozone generator to work 1-2 times a week through timer function of Smart Life APP. Increase the treatment duration and frequency when air problem recurring.
  • Treatment time can be adjustable according to the room size and air quality. If you have no clues, It can start from 10 minutes and increase the setup time if necessary.
  • All ozone machines are for UNOCCUPIED space only. Ensure that NO people (and NO pets) in the room when it’s working. Allow at least one hours after treatment is finished before occupying the space. When entering the room, please open the doors and windows and ventilate in time
Bestseller No. 3
AIRTHEREAL MA5000 Commercial Ozone Generator, 5000mg/h O3 Machine Home Air Ionizers Deodorizer for Rooms, Smoke, Cars and Pets, Blue
5,992 Reviews
AIRTHEREAL MA5000 Commercial Ozone Generator, 5000mg/h O3 Machine Home Air Ionizers Deodorizer for Rooms, Smoke, Cars and Pets, Blue
  • OZONE OUTPUT: An output of 5,000 mg/h can deodorize your space from odors, smoke, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs.) Use twice per week to maintain healthy air in your home.
  • WHERE TO USE: Ozone generators can be to deodorize homes, offices, and schools. Ozone generators are especially helpful at removing odors in places like cars, kitchens, basements, and pet or smoking areas.
  • TOUGH ON ODORS: Ozone is a very powerful deodorizing agent which removes leftover odors from smoke, cooking, pets, and general “musty” smells.
  • EASY TO USE: The timer knob can be set up to 120 minutes or you can use the “HOLD” setting to produce ozone continuously. Set the timer, leave the room, wait for the ozone generation to end, and return 30 minutes after the residual ozone reverts back to breathable air.
  • WORD OF WARNING: All ozone generators should only be used in unoccupied spaces. Don't let people or pets enter the area until 30 minutes after ozone generation ends. Not available for sale in California; EPA Est. No.: 94720-CHN-1.
Bestseller No. 4
Stainless Steel Commercial Ozone Generator UV Air Purifier 12000 mg/hr Industrial
  • REMOVES MOLD AND VIRUSES - The New Comfort EPA Certified Factory is one of the only factories in the world that creates UV & Ozone machines that are powerful enough to remove or reduce Mold, Bacteria, Viruses, and Powerful odors. In addition this SS7000 New Comfort Ozone Generator is made with corrosion proof Stainless Steel body and parts (unlike other cheap Ozone generators you see online). EPA Establishment Number 94263-CHN-1
  • POWERFUL OZONE GENERATOR / UV TREATMENT - The 03-7000 Commercial unit can produce a True 6000 mg/hr (low mode) or 12000 mg/hr (high mode). Produces an industrial level of Ozone (about 4x more than other cheap Ozone generators Claim). For its size and cost, this is one of the most powerful Ozone Generators / UV Air tratment units you can buy. If you do not need something this powerful check out our other New Comfort units. DOES NOT MEET CALIFORNIA REQUIREMENTS, CAN NOT BE SHIPPED TO CALIFORNIA.
  • REMOVES ODORS AT THE SOURCE - Effectively removes practically any odor you can think of! Perfect for smokers, hotels, car dealerships, salons, labs, restaurants, farms, animal zones, hospitals, schools, basements, water damage or everyday home use.
  • 120 MIN TIMER FOR SAFETY CONCERNS - All ozone machines are for UNOCCUPIED space only. Set the timer before you leave the room. Ensure that no people or pets are in the room when it’s working. Return to the room 30 minutes after timer expires.
  • 5 YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY - With decades of cleaning innovation, The U.S.A. based New Comfort engineer team works hard to ensure every product sold is up for the toughest jobs and harshest cleaning environments! That is why New Comfort offers a 5-Year Factory Warranty. DOES NOT MEET CALIFORNIA REQUIREMENTS, CAN NOT BE SHIPPED TO CALIFORNIA
On Sale!Bestseller No. 5
Ozone Generator 30,000 mg/h Ozone Machine Odor Removal Air Purifier for Industrial, Home, Car
  • Ozonlife New Version of Powerful Ozone Generator Air Purifier --- Large capacity of 30,000 mg/h ozone output. Treatment area over 10,000 sqft! New design with adjusted ozone output and added 'Light' function to kill invisible substance molecule. 2 Level Ozone output with HOLD function. 30g or 10g ozone output is selectable, HOLD for continuous working. Suitable for all areas, industrial use or home use.
  • Destroy Odors Effectively --- Unlike traditional odor fresheners which just mask the odor, the ozone machine emits ozone gas to react with smell molecule directly and break them internal. Ozone air purifier can purify every corner in your house as long as the ozone gas can reach. Ozone molecules chemically react with odor molecules to destroy odors. Extra ozone will turn to xygen very soon, safe and no chemical residue.
  • Suitable for All Areas --- Powerful to eliminate any tough odors from your house, room, kitchen, office, musty basement, farm, factory, kindgarten, school, hospital, car. Eliminates virtually ANY mal-odors from cigarette/cigar smoke, pet odors, paint/cleaning fumes, fire damage, cooking smell, mildew,new house decoration pollution, alleagy attacks, etc.
  • TIMER with 'HOLD' FUNCTION for SAFETY CONCERNS --- All ozone machine can only be used in unoccupied space. You can set the timer up to 180 minutes and leave the room with your pets. Ozone will react with certain substances and purify the air. Excess ozone will be automatically converted back to oxygen. Come back around an hour and enjoy the fresh air!
  • LOW MAINTENANCE & ECO-FRIENDLY DESIGN --- Industrial grade stainless steel keeps this purifier easy to maintenance. No filters to clean. Ultra low energy usage. Produce ozone gas to fill the entire apace and purify air completely to every corner!

Newest Commercial Ozone Generator

Tefola Ozone Generator Integrated, Poratable Air Purifier, Ceramic Plate Air Purifier Industrial Ozonizer Machine 15G for Home Refrigerators Office(AC110V)
  • The ozone generator is suitable for dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, electronic shoe cabinets, air filters, etc.
  • This air purifier benefits from high pressure. Please use dry air or oxygen in the air as the original material for ozone generation.
  • The ceramic ozone generator is made of aluminum alloy and ceramic composite material, it is anti‑falling, shockproof and has a longer service life.
  • This integrated plate air purifier uses an upgraded micro‑gap medium beehive discharge technology. The industrial ozone generator has low power consumption, so it will help you save power.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We focus on the needs of our customers, with the aim of providing customers with high-quality product tools and the most comfortable experience. If there is a problem with the product, please communicate with us in time.
Ozone Generator, 20,000 mg/h Ozone Machine Odor Removal Odor Eliminator Ionizer Deodorizer Ozonator Ozone Generator Air Purifier for Home, Auto, Smoke, Pets and Cars
12 Reviews
Ozone Generator, 20,000 mg/h Ozone Machine Odor Removal Odor Eliminator Ionizer Deodorizer Ozonator Ozone Generator Air Purifier for Home, Auto, Smoke, Pets and Cars
  • Ozone Generator Output 20,000 mg / h of ozone, O3 Air Purifier which effectively eliminate any unpleasant smells like smoke odor, pet odor, basement odor, car odor, new decoration odor, paint fumes and other airborne odors.
  • The timer function can be set up to 0-120 minutes and you can also use the “HOLD” mode to keep it on.
  • Simply turn the timer knob and leave the room, Make sure that no one (and pets) are in the room when the ozone machine is working.
  • Apply the ozone treatment One or two times a week for normal use. If you still smell the residual odor in the room after treatment, please increase the ozone treatment time
  • All ozone generators can only be used in unmanned spaces. Allow 15 to 45 minutes after treatment time is finished before occupying the space, or open the outside windows and doors upon reentry.
20000mg/h Ozone Machine Generator for Odor Removal Ozonator O3 Machine for Home Car Office Large Room
  • High Capacity Ozone Output - This generator can produce 20000 mg ozone per hour, suitable for large spaces maximum of 4500 sq ft. Innovative snowflake-pattern ozone panel and built-in powerful fan design make the stronger concentration of ozone cover every corner effectively.
  • 0 to 90 Minutes TIMER - Features with timer function, you can set the time up to 90 minutes according to the room size or let it work continuously. Note: Please ensure there no people or pets are in the room when the ozone machine is working. After the machine is finished working, please ventilate for at least 20 minutes.
  • SHD Powerful Odor Removal Ozone machine breaks down odor molecules in the air by releasing higher concentrations of ozone, eliminating pet odor, smoke smell, paint smell and other unpleasant odors effectively. Brings you a wonderful space without unpleasant smells.
  • Portable Handle - The ozonator is equipped with a foldable handle, which is portable to be carried anywhere. 4 silicone parts on the bottom can be effectively anti-slip.
  • Suitable for All Occasions - Suitable for homes, offices, farms, cars, basements, pet areas, etc. We strictly test the ozone machine in most life scenarios to ensure its quality and offers a 24-month warranty, so you don't need to worry about its quality.
Mini ozone purifier, low noise ozone generator for toilet refrigerator
  • Remove Odors: Mini ozone air purifier also removes odors, including body odor and sweat, from clothing and hunting gear, helping you better hide.
  • Applicable Scenes: This smart ozone generator air purifier is suitable for small areas such as refrigerators, shoe cabinets, bathrooms, pantries, pets and car areas to remove odors and keep food tasty.
  • Simple Operation: Just press the button, the light will start to work, long press the button to turn off the power, providing you great using experience.
  • Two Working Modes: Press the on off key, the indicator light turns blue, and the ozone will automatically power off after 30 minutes of continuous operation. Press the on or off key, the indicator light turns green, the ozone is released for 10 minutes, a
  • Quiet and Low Noise: This ionic air purifier works with less than 20 decibels of noise. It will not interfere with your work or rest, giving you a quiet driving environment.
ONAMOR Ozone Generator 20000 mg/h - High Capacity Ozone Machine Eliminating Odors Area up to 4000 Square Feet, Ozone Generators for Home, Basement, Smoke, and Pet Room. (All Metallic Blue )
  • 🍃【OZONE OUTPUT】- This Ozone Generator Ionizer has max ozone output per hour of 20000 mg, meeting the 4000 square feet+ of space. And it has a built-in the latest upgraded ceramic ozone plate, which is sturdy and durable and has a long use life, easy to clean.
  • 🍃【EASY TO USE】- You just need to turn the timer to work. the timer can be set for up to 180 minutes, and the "HOLD" setting can also be used continuously. We suggest that to set a time before you leave the room and ensure that no one (or pets) is in the room when it is working. It can start from 10 minutes and increase the setup time if necessary, depending on the size of the space.
  • 🍃【HIGH-QUALITY】- Our Ozone generators adopt a horizontal output design that ozone does not directly face your face when opened the generator. And the ozone generators adopt an exquisite all-metal shell, sturdy and durable, weighs only 5.8 pounds, and is equipped with a metal handle, which is convenient for you to carry with you. This is a great ozone generator for home, industrial, or commercial use.
  • 🍃【WIDE USES】 - This ozone generation is very suitable for your home, office and pet area, basement, car, etc areas. An ideal machine to help you clean smells of smoke, pet, car, cooking, and any unpleasant odors in your apartment, give you a wonderful space without unpleasant smells!
  • 🍃【GOOD SERVICE】 - The ONAMOR Home/Commercial Ozone generators have a one-year extended warranty. If you have any questions about our product, please do not hesitate to tell us, we will give you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.