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Looking for the Best Microneedling Device available to buy right now on Amazon but don’t want to have to do all the research on the pros and cons of the different types of Microneedling Device?

Pop Expert have put together this list of the top 10 selling Microneedling Device on Amazon – sorted by overall popularity and positive consumer reviews.

The Pop Expert list of top selling Microneedling Device is the ideal place to start when you are trying to find the Best Microneedling Device for your neeeds.

Popular Microneedling Device on Amazon

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On Sale!Bestseller No. 1
Professional Microneedling Pen - Wireless Adjustable Micro Needling Microneedle Machine, Microneedle Pen with 22 Replacement Cartridges 4pcs 16pin+4pcs 26pin+6pcs 36pin+6pcs 42pin+2pcs Nano.
121 Reviews
Professional Microneedling Pen - Wireless Adjustable Micro Needling Microneedle Machine, Microneedle Pen with 22 Replacement Cartridges 4pcs 16pin+4pcs 26pin+6pcs 36pin+6pcs 42pin+2pcs Nano.
  • DESIRABLE SPECS: Each microneedle pen comes with 22 replacement cartridges, including 5 of the most popular cartridge types(4pcs 16pin+4pcs 24pin+6pcs 36pin+6pcs 42pin+2pcs Nano). Each cartridge is individually packaged. You can use it as soon as you open. monocular
  • WIRELESS MODE: Our microneedle pen supports switching between wired mode and wireless mode. With short charging time, strong battery life, it can be used continuously for more than three hours. It's perfect for taking with you on business trips, so that you can easily look beautiful wherever.
  • ADJUSTABLE NEEDLE LENGTH: The needle length of the microneedle pen can be adjusted by turning the dial left and right. Needle length adjustment range :0-2.5mm. You can adjust at any time according to your own needs, simple operation, easy to use.
  • 6 OPTIONAL WORKING SPEEDS: The microneedle pen is set with 6 speed levels, with 1 being the lowest speed level and 6 being the highest speed level. Each time the button is pressed, the speed level changes. After opening, the needle automatically enters and exits to meet the needs of various skin conditions.
  • Tip: If you have any questions during use, we will reply to you within 24 hours.
On Sale!Bestseller No. 2
Professional Wireless Microneedling Pen with 20 Replacement Cartridges - Adjustable Micro Needling Professional Microneedle Machine,6pcs 16pin+6pcs 36pin+6pcs 42pin+2pcs Nano-Dark Blue
  • ADJUSTABLE NEEDLE LENGTH AND THREADED NON-SLIP DESIGN GRIP- By turning the rotary dial, you can freely choose the needle length according to your actual needs. Its wide range takes all skin concerns and conditions into consideration.Threaded non-slip design grip Make operation more stable.
  • WIRELESS OPERATION- The microneedler pen is Type-c rechargeable, supporting quick charge and having ultra long standby time. Very easy to use at home or carry around.
  • ENHANCED SPEED SETTINGS- Considering individual differences in skin conditions and sections, The electric microneeding pen upgraded its motor power and optimized its 6 working speed settings from weak to strong. It works by automatically going in and out on skin, super resultful and practical.
  • PROFESSIONAL CARTRIDGES- Cartridges adopt individual aseptic packaging for disposable use, with no need for extra sterilization. After massive research, the most practical 16 pins, 36 pins, 42pin,and painless nano needling are included for you.(6pcs 16pin+6pcs 36pin+6pcs 42pin+2pcs Nano)
  • GET THE GLOW- Use best professional tools to promote beautiful, healthy skin, in the comfort of your home.
On Sale!Bestseller No. 3
Derma Roller Microneedle Roller For Face, Roller for Beard, Microneedling Roller | For Women and Men | Micro Needle Roller For Face Scalp Derma Stamp 0.25mm
2,604 Reviews
Derma Roller Microneedle Roller For Face, Roller for Beard, Microneedling Roller | For Women and Men | Micro Needle Roller For Face Scalp Derma Stamp 0.25mm
  • The roller is black in color, and affordable. Our derma roller is crafted with high-quality materials. The derma roller is easy to use to meet your different needs.
  • This is a roller for anyone to use at home at anytime.
  • The roller is portable and easy to hold and use. You. can carry it with you easily, or chose to simply use it at home
  • Save money by using our convenient and easy-to-use derma roller.
  • If you encounter any issues, please contact us, and we will promptly resolve them to ensure your satisfaction as a valued customer.
Bestseller No. 4
Dr.Pen Ultima M8S Microneedling Pen: Wireless Microneedle professional Skin Pen for Face & Body & Hair Beard Growth - 12 Replacement Cartridges
34 Reviews
Dr.Pen Ultima M8S Microneedling Pen: Wireless Microneedle professional Skin Pen for Face & Body & Hair Beard Growth - 12 Replacement Cartridges
  • ORIGINAL DRPEN(REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY): Dr. Pen M8S microneedling pen is an upgraded version of the bestselling personal skin pen Dr. Pen M8. Fast charging & Dual mode (wired / wireless) is easy to use for face and body. The microneedle pen range from 0 to 2.5 mm to finetune & the 6-speed selection is handy for different skin condition. Redesigned with users in mind, several small upgrades help give you more efficient and economical results that are of professional quality!
  • PROFESSIONAL CARTRIDGES: The needle cartridge is equipped with a three-snap non-slip fixed structure for improved performance and device protection. It also features a wavy contact surface and checks valve that protects the device . The Dr. Pen M8S will help give your skin a smooth, youthfully radiant glow. Pair with your favorite serum for increased absorption!
  • NEW USER-FRIENDLY FEATURES: In addition to the wide range of needle cartridge options, A larger panel display highlights the overall aesthetic. Battery power indicator for easy reference of the device's remaining power. Supports Type-C power cable for charging flexibility. Comes with a new easy-to-store protective case for more convenient device carry and storage. Skin pens and cartridges are placed in layers for better.
  • MULTIPLE USES(CUSTOMIZABLE TREATMENTS): A total of 12 cartridges come individually sealed in sterile packages, with no need for extra sterilization. (6pcs 18pin + 2pcs 36pin + 2pcs 42pin + 2pcs nano). It can not only be used as a face and body but also as a scalp or beard to help stimulate hair and beard growth. Our user manual has a detailed description of each type of cartridge. Enjoy exquisite skincare in the comfort of your own home!
  • AFFORDABLE: Have you ever spent a fortune on skin treatment in the salon? Dr. Pen M8S microneedling pen is a professional at-home electric beauty pen kit for anyone looking for cost-effective, safe, and non-invasive treatment. you can trust in the quality and durability of the beauty pen. Dr.Pen brand is already registered in the US. Each Ultima M8S pen is from Dr. Pen's original Factory.
Bestseller No. 5
Dr. Pen Ultima M8S Professional Microneedling Pen - 2023 Year Microneedle Pen for Hair Beard Growth - Wireless Derma Skin Pen - Amazing Skin Pen for Face Body - 6 Cartridges (3pcs 18pin + 3pcs 36pin)
  • ✅ Dr. Pen Ultima M8S MODEL 2023: NEWEST and IMPROVED model of the most popular Dr.Pen Ultima M8 Microneedling Pen
  • ✅ ORIGINAL DRPEN M8S is an UNBEATABLE CHOICE. Created by professionals for professionals!!! DUAL MODE (WIRED / WIRELESS): easy to use for face and body
  • ✅ BE HAPPY and BEAUTIFUL with our micro needle pen as THOUSANDS OF DRPEN CUSTOMERS
  • ✅ GET THE GLOW: Use best professional tools to promote beautiful, healthy skin, in the comfort of your home
  • ✅ Dr. Pen M8S Pen is developed based on the highest American Standards. We are confident in our microneedling pen and offer RISK-FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Newest Microneedling Device

Med SPA Care® Disposable Replacement Cartridges - Applicable for Dr.pen Ultima A6 Electric Skin Care Device/Dr pen Permanent Makeup Pen (12 Pins, A6 Blue 0.25mm 50pcs)
  • 💝 Disposable replacement cartridges needles 0.01~0.25mm, bayonet slot, applicable for dr.pen ultima A6 skin care system only.
  • 💦 Cartridges made of medical steel needle and PC plastic, ech one by hygienic packages before leaving the original factory.
  • 💓 Easy to use, durable and quick-acting, short healing time, high absorption of active ingredients, no permanent damage or injury.
  • 💦 Multifunctional - Replacement needles cartridge has many different types and uses. Please check the usage introduction of different needle types in the package, to choose the pen holder that suits you.
  • 👌 Original factory high-end quality warranty, refund 100% if quality questions. 👉Note: Disposable fast consumables, the cartridges are not be return if you have opened or used them (except for quality problems).
beautimate by Dr Pen Aqua Hydra H2 Microneedling Pen, Professional Skin Serum Applicator Micro Needling Derma Machine, Electric Dermastamp Tool Microneedle Derma Stamp, with 6 Cartridges 12Pin 0.25mm
  • 2 IN 1 Microneedle Aqua Pen - The Hydra H2 dr pen microneedling pen system combines the Dr. Pen M8 and derma stamp, applying liquid more evenly than the derma stamp.
  • This micro needling derma pen works in 4 speed settings from weak to strong, wide range for all skin concerns, face, hair and beard.
  • The micro needle and nano cartridges are individually wrapped for disposable use, eliminating the need for additional sterilization. We have included the most desirable and practical option for you, which is: 6 pcs of 12pin cartridges, needle length is 0.25mm
  • Our beautimate Aqua Nano Needling Pen is equipped with a built in lithium battery. Charging will be completed in about 2 hours. Our skin microneedling pen Aqua Hydra professional Pen comes with 6 cartridges which is great to get you started for your daily home facial.
  • Aqua Hydra microneedle Pen is the new generation of Dr.Pen devices: Aqua Hydra Pen H2 is not only a new concept in skincare devices, but also an innovative technology in the field of cosmetic. Stop using old fashion derma roller and replace it with the Aqua Pen today!
On Sale!New
Professional Microneedling Pen - Adjustable Wireless Microneedle Machine with 22 Replacement Cartridges for Face Home Use (4pcs 16pin+4pcs 24pin+6pcs 36pin+6pcs 42pin+2pcs Nano.) Rose Glod
  • 22 ORIGINAL CARTRIDGE: Each cartridge is disinfected, using a separate aseptic packaging, disposable use, more safe and sanitary. We matched the five most popular needles, a total of 22 needles.(4pcs 16pin+4pcs 24pin+6pcs 36pin++6pcs 42pin+2pcs Nano.)
  • 6 SPEED LEVELS: The Microneedle pen is set the numbers 1 to 6, corresponding to its speed from weak to strong. Each time the button is pressed, the speed changes. You can choose the right speed level based on your skin condition and where you use it.
  • ADJUSTABLE DIAL: Our microneedle pen has a non-slip dial that allows you to adjust the length of the needle by turning it left and right. Adjustment range of needle length: 0-2.5mm. Easy to use, easily meet your different needs.
  • HUMANIZED DESIGH: The microneedle pen supports wired mode and wireless mode and the two modes can be easily switched freely. LCD screen shows the speed level and remaining battery, more intuitive speed control.
  • SATISFACTORY CUSTOMER SEVICE: Our microneedle pens come with a one-year warranty. If you have any questions, please let us know and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
On Sale!New
Adjustable microneedling Derma Stamp - Professional microneedle dermastamp -micro needling pen 0.25mm
  • More thinner diameter- Compared with traditonal derma roller, the diameter of our derma stamp is thinner
  • Economical- Compared with fiexd needle length of traditional derma roller, our derma stamp is adjustable
  • non-slip handle design allows for ergonomic and secure grips, comfortable to hold and reduce accidentally slip of the hand.
  • A Visible Transformation - Giving you a luminous, smooth skin after several times
  • More efficent- Compared with traditional derma roller, the size of our derma stamp is larged, can save your time
ZMBITY 140 Titanium Adjustable Microneedling Derma Stamp -Derma Microneedle Pen for Body & Hair & Beard Growth - Derma Roller Alternative Skin Care - Dr Beauty Pen For Men and Women Home Use
  • GREAT QUALITY - Made of Grade A 0.25mm 140 Titanium Pins.Titanium needles won't bend or rust,instead of metal disk, you can clearly feel the difference between them.
  • VISIBLE TRANSFORMATION - after repeated use, you will get a polished, smooth, healthy skin, with the use of skincare products even more effective.
  • SUPER EASY TO USE - Just gently move it up and down where it is being used.Even if you are new to micro needing, you can learn it just need 60s.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - The stamps are portable and easy to hold and use. You can take them with you on your travels or choose to simply use them at home!
  • SAVE MONEY - the manual one is more in control of the speed you need than the automatic microneedling derma, and it's more cost-effective. Trust me, you will love derma stamp when you use it!