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Looking for the Best Pet Gps Microchips available to buy right now on Amazon but don’t want to have to do all the research on the pros and cons of the different types of Pet Gps Microchips?

Pop Expert have put together this list of the top 10 selling Pet Gps Microchips on Amazon – sorted by overall popularity and positive consumer reviews.

The Pop Expert list of top selling Pet Gps Microchips is the ideal place to start when you are trying to find the Best Pet Gps Microchips for your neeeds.

Popular Pet Gps Microchips on Amazon

Details on the Best Pet Gps Microchips

Bestseller No. 1
Buddy ID Pet Microchip Plus Lifetime Registration
  • Includes PAID Lifetime Registration!
  • Exclusively produced by USA company | Includes Lifetime Warranty.
  • Safe well-made mini chip uses smaller needle.
  • Collar tag with chip number on back.
  • Professional grade sterile syringe unit and packaging.
On Sale!Bestseller No. 2
ekezoeloreh Dogs microchips for Dogs Microchip Microchip pet microchips for Dogs 20 Pack Canine Microchip for Cats pro id Microchip case for Puppies 1.4×8mm
  • 【widely used and Easily used and read】The pet microchip is widely used for identification and tracking of poultry and livestock pets such as dogs, cats, chickens, horses, cattle, wildlife, etc. It can be read by the microchip scanner working frequency 134.2kz iso. 
  • 【Easily register】You can go to freepetchipregistry@com or found website@org to sign up, they are free of charge. The chips conform to international animal identification standards (ISO11784/ISO11785), International Commission on Animal Coding (ICAR) certification, and a 15 digit ICAR certification number is provided free of charge. 
  • 【Easily implanted】the needle is about 1 inch long  which is very suitable for pets and poultry. Built of high quality, relatively sharp, beveled steel is easy to implant animal skin, implanting your pet doesn't even feel pain.
  • 【safer and hygienic】Disposable syringes are more convenient and safe for pets than reusable syringes. If you find an empty needle, please contact us immediately.
  • 【bag contain】The kit contains a bag with 20 packs of pet microchips. Each pack contains a syringe with a 1.4 x 8 mm pet chip built into the needle, as well as 8 barcodes with identification numbers.
Bestseller No. 3
[Updated 2021] Humane Tribe Smart Pet ID Locator Tag | Real-Time Text SMS Alerts | Email Alert with Location Sharing | Tag Syncs with Online Pet Profile | No Batteries or Subscription Required
  • ✅ Functions as an External Microchip - Tag Includes Embedded NFC Chip, Unique QR Code, Short URL, and the Humane Tribe Hotline access to connect the Pet w/ their Owner
  • ✅ Real-Time Text Message Alerts - When the Humane Tribe Tag is accessed by a Viewer, the Pet Owner will be notified instantly via SMS/text message
  • ✅ Email Notifications with GPS Location Sharing - When the tag is accessed by a Viewer, the Pet Owner will receive an email that includes the pet's location (when shared) w/ driving directions provided by Google Maps
  • ✅ 24/7 Access to View/Edit/Share Online Pet Profile - Better than a traditional tag or data hidden in a implanted microchip, the online pet profile allows the pet's owner to add pet data, contact details, medical information, and much more that automatically syncs with the tag in real-time via our proprietary TagSync technology
  • ✅ No batteries or cellular service plans needed! The best pet tag to compliment a traditional pet id tag, a pet microchip, or use as a stand-alone smart pet id tag! Keep your pet protected & connected with the Humane Tribe!
Bestseller No. 4
Manruta 8mm Length 134.2Khz Pet Microchip ID Tag Small Size for Dogs and Cats with 15 ID Numbers (1 Pack with Microchipped Tag as Gift)
  • 1,ADVICE : pls choose suitable size for your pets or animals , it is very important . 1.4X8mm microchip it is suitable for Cats and Small Puppies , for Big Bogs ,1.4X8 mm and 2.12X12 mm ,both sizes are ok . 2.12X12mm size microchip , it is suitable for big dogs ,horse , cattles , sheeps, pigs, camels and other big animals , 1.25X7mm size for small fishes , mouses, hamsters, snakes,frog, birds and other very small animals .
  • 3,Standard: Unique ID code in implant chip detects your pet only.can be read by all pet microchip readers, it comes with 6 barcode stickers for ID number.compliance with international ISO11784/11785 FDX-B standard, universal reader
  • 4,PROTECT & MANAGE YOUR PETS: Keep your pets safe and protected with our ID tag microchips. With The Manruta microchips ! Our RFID microchip implant gives your pet the best chances of returning home to you if ever lost or stolen.
  • 5,REGISTRATION:You can go online and find the BEST IN YOUR AREA and register with them "as many and who you wish" and some are free and some are not... and freepetchipregistry website is free
  • 6,Manruta microchip ,we import from Germany , and Use ICAR ID number , and with our own packing with our Brand Manruta only .
Bestseller No. 5
5 Pack Pet Microchip 134.2Khz Animal ID Chips with Syringe for Animal Identification ISO 11784/11785 and FDX-B Standard 2.12X12mm
  • Advice : pls choose suitable size for your pets or animals , it is very important . 1.4X8mm microchip suitable for cats ,small puppies ,chicken, duck, owl . for big dogs ,1.4X8 mm and 2,12X12 mm both sizes are ok . 2.12X12mm size microchip , it is suitable for big dogs ,horse , cattles , sheeps, pigs, camels and other big animals , 1.25X7mm size for small fishes , mouses, hamsters, snakes,frog ,pigeon and other very small animals .
  • this order include 5 packs of microchip ,Each pack with animal glass tag 2.12X12mm and syringe ,and have 5 pcs of stainless "microchipped" tags as gift;
    Advice: 2.12X12mm size microchip suitable for big animals , such as horse ,cow ,sheep , big dog , for small animals ,such as cat , and little dogs Hamster, I advice you buy 1.4X8mm size from other listing .
  • Standard : compliance with international ISO11784/11785 FDX-B standard.PROTECT & MANAGE YOUR PETS: Keep your pets safe and protected with our ID tag microchips. With The Manruta microchips ! Our RFID microchip implant gives your pet the best chances of returning home to you if ever lost or stolen.

Newest Pet Gps Microchips

PUSOKEI Pet Microchip Reader,USB Rechargeable EMID Animal Handheld Pet ID Scanner,Animal Chip Tag Scanner for Pets,Pigs,Dogs,Cats
  • CONNECTING TO A COMPUTER: Animal chip reader connects to the PC and the PT160 device using the USB cable and creates a new document on the PC.
  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: Pet ID microchip scanner is an electronic tag reader with digital display and USB charging.
  • STABLE PERFORMANCE: Pet microchip scanner is capable of reading a wide range of and is stable, safe and reliable.
  • SUPERIOR DISPLAY: Animal microchip scanner has a premium display and can be read in sunlight.
  • 3000 MESSAGES: Pet microchip scanner can read approximately 3000 messages at a time with a full charge.
Weegeeks New 20Pcs 1.4x8mm Universal Pet Microchip, 134.2kHz ISO11784/5 FDX-B Pet ID Tags, 15 Bit RFID Microchip Implant Kit for The Management and Tracking of Animals
  • 【What you Get】One packet included 20pcs microchips and syringes. All the syringes are carefully prepared under sterile conditions and have a strong plastic cover over the needle. and each has 8 barcode stickers.
  • 【Widely Used】1.4X8mm microchip suitable for most pets like dogs cats, chickens, ducks, animal husbandry, fish, wildlife, etc.
  • 【Injection of the Microchip】 It's best to microchip your pet during neuter surgery. It can be easily injected by a veterinary doctor or someone trained in it below the skin at the back of the neck or underneath the ears. It is a glass tag and small in size for easy injection. Please read the product description for how to inject.
  • 【Readable and writable microchip】The chip does not need to be written by itself when it comes to raw data. It is also possible to change the data through the microchip reader.
  • 【Microchip format】The microchip is in the 134.2K/125K FDX-B format (ISO11784/11785 compliant) with a 15-bit encoding universal chip for all animal scanners.
Charella #669W6R Pet Realtime GPS/GSM Tracker System for Cats Dogs Free App for Mobile Dog Cat
  • Pet Realtime Gps/Gsm Tracker System For Cats Dogs Free App For Mobile Dog Cat Pets Tracker Tk208Description:"More Than 10 Million Pets Are Lost Each Year". A Microchip Is Simply Not Enough. Our Product Gives
  • You The Power Of Gps To Locate Your Pet At Any Time. A Microchip Does Not Alert You If Your Pet Is Lost, Or Show You Their Location, But Our Tracker Does. A Microchip Requires Your Pet To Be Brought To A Facility For
  • Scanning And Will Likely Cost You A Recovery Fee. Our Tracker Keeps Pets Safe By Actively Monitoring Their Safety More Than A Million Times A Day. It Puts You In Control.Feature:Mini Size, Lovely, Very Suit For Your
  • Love Dogs/Catssms Tracking By Gpsapp Tracking For Android/Iosfree Web Online Tracking,Gps Sports Trajectory Trackingdial The Tracker To Know The Environment Around.Electric Fenceshut Sleep Mode.Set Any Time Zone.
  • More Language For Choose.Color: Black(Pet Collar Colors Are Random)Technical Parameters:Gps Chip: Ublox Chipnumber Of Channels: Parallel 20 Pass Sensitivity: -159Dbmaccuracy: 5 Meters Positioning Time: Cold Start /
Dog Waterproof with Unlimited Dog Activity and Monitor Range GPS -Loss Locator Tracking Chips for Keys (Green, One Size)
  • Tile Wallet Slim Denim Dog Collar Dog Collar Light Clip on Electronic Leash for Dog Dog And Collar Tie Whisper Pat Pet Collar Tracking Device for Cars No Monthly Fee Keys Alarm Dog Perimeter Phone for Magnetic Tracking Device Vandalism Sticker Heart to Tail Dog Igloo with Door Wireless Dog Fence for Dogs Dog Loo Dog Boxes for Hunting Go Tags Dog Collar Alarm for Trailer Vehicle Trackers Virtual Cat Dog Buttons for Communication Mat Sports Dog 425 Cool Tech Gadgets Camera for Cat Collar Animal
  • Pet Collar Light Poodle Car Track New Year Dog Collar Smart Pet Dog Training Collar Dog Whistle Silent to Humans Dog Collar Holder 280c Lost Keys Puppy Keys Tile for Wallet Key Locator Tile Pro Fit 2 Go Gift for Dog Owner Find Your Keys Smart Dog Trainer Tile Cat Collar Pet Buttons U3530b Pet Boxes for Dogs Car in Parking Lot Tracking Ring Go Smart Smart Wax Car Air Holder for Dog Collar Perimeter Fence Collar for Dogs with Lights Dog Exercise Pen 24 Inch High Tile Locator Device Yummy Combs
  • Tracking Dog Collar Baby Beeper Dog Tracking And Training Collar The Tile Shop Lost Item Locator tooth Air Collar for Dogs Dog Whistle Pet Stop Collar Key Catch Wireless Dog Collars Dog Hiking Motion Activated Air Blaster Dog Whistles That Makes Dogs Come to You Tracking Devices for Cars Hidden with Audio Rfa-188 Dog Seizure Collar Wireless Dog Fence Keep Dog Out Cat Food Pet Alert Sticker Whistle Track Ir5 Pro Head Tracking Wireless Collar for Dogs Dog Squeezes through Fence Lap for Sewing Pet
  • Microchip for Cats Beepers Tracking Pet Collar Battery Dog Amber Collar for Dogs Wireless Dog Fence Receiver Collar Dog Friends Tracking Device No Monthly Personalized Dog Necklace Little Rabbit Foo Foo Gift for Dogs tooth Key with Replaceable Battery Combs Pet Vehicle Tracking Device No Dog Training Whistles Hunting Dog Collector Dog Collar Camera with Phone Electric Cat Wisdom Panel Dog Kitty Camera Collar Go Away Dog Xy4 Tracking Device Title Recall Cat Owner Gift Cool Car Things for Men Cat
  • Tile Tags Key tooth Tile Pet Fit for Life Dual Dog Leash Pickle Whistle Cat Door Electronic Dog Whistle to Stop Barking Silent Dog Shot Long Range Dog Whistle Calm Subscription Pet Gear Picture Frame Hidden Camera Care Fresh Rabbit Bedding Cool Travel Gadgets Cool Tech Stuff for Bedroom Zac00-17112 Portable Electric Fence for Dogs Dog House Heater tooth Smart Health Devices Dog Friend Pet Talk Find Lost Keys Lose Keys Fit for Dogs Whistle Go Explore Collar Dog Step Counter New Years Dog Collar
CO-TAGS QR Code Pet ID Tags – Custom Engraved Personalized Dog Tags and Cat Tags – Stainless Steel -Scanable Pet Location Alert Email (Custom-A, Metallic 1 in)
  • Beautiful Stainless Steel ID tags with more than just a few engraved lines, easily customize your pet's profile using your mobile device, displaying the profile in a graphic way that is beautiful and easy to modify.
  • It is not a GPS tracker, Scan the tag QR code to activate the tag, Links to free pet profile page, Can enter multiple emergency contact/ upload multiple pet photos/ Home Address/ Medical Info etc of your pet. One account can manage multiple pets. NO APP REQUIRED!
  • When the QR code is scanned, you can easily access detailed pet information and contact the pet's owner directly, and you will receive an email alert with location information.
  • Each tag is carefully crafted and packaged with 2 different sizes of high-strength stainless steel opening rings for attaching to your dog's collar. A unique and wonderful gift for your four-legged friend.
  • We are passionate about animals and focused on their comfort and safety.No activation fees, No subscription fees. 24/7 support contact.