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Looking for the Best Pipe Locators available to buy right now on Amazon but don’t want to have to do all the research on the pros and cons of the different types of Pipe Locators?

Pop Expert have put together this list of the top 10 selling Pipe Locators on Amazon – sorted by overall popularity and positive consumer reviews.

The Pop Expert list of top selling Pipe Locators is the ideal place to start when you are trying to find the Best Pipe Locators for your neeeds.

Popular Pipe Locators on Amazon

Details on the Best Pipe Locators

Bestseller No. 1
Pipe Blockage Detector, Water Pipe Locator Underground Diagnostic-Tool Wall Scanner Pipeline Blocking Clogging Scanner Plumbers Instrument For Metal PVC Water Pipes, 20M
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Pipe Blockage Detector, Water Pipe Locator Underground Diagnostic-Tool Wall Scanner Pipeline Blocking Clogging Scanner Plumbers Instrument For Metal PVC Water Pipes, 20M
  • IP67 Waterproof Probe: This pipe detector can be used to detect wall studs, metal pipes, PVC pipes and even water pipes. Widely used in interior decoration, home installation and other industries, allowing various construction safely proceed
  • Wireless probe: It accurately locates hidden blockage, clogging inside the pipe and reminds you with a buzzing sound.
  • Adjustable Sensitivity: The receiver can increase the sensing ability to the transmitter by adjusting its sensitivity. Transmitter Detection Length: 20M
  • Long Battery Life: Built-in 2000mah 3.7V lithium battery, running time of 12 hours, it is convenient to be charged by computers, power banks.
  • Package Include: Pipe Blockage Emitter x1; Pipe Blockage Receiver x1; USB Charging Cable x2; Headphone x1; Probe Accessories x8; Manual User x1; Storage Bag x1
Bestseller No. 2
VEVOR Pipe Locators, 100ft/30m PVC Pipe Locators Underground, IP67 Waterproof Pipe Blockage Detector with Adjustable Sensitivity, Sewer Wall Scanner Plumbing Tool for PVC Plastic Metal Water Pipes
  • Highly Accurate Positioning: VEVOR pipe locators come with a 100ft/30m long signal line and adopts electromagnetic induction principle. Its signal has strong penetration and precise positioning ability, allowing it to pass through the detection distance of non-metal pipes within 0-40 cm, and the metal pipes 0-15 cm. Make the invisible pipelines blockages visible !
  • Strong IP67 Waterproof Ability: The pipe blockage detector works in tough conditions and can detect blockages in both wet and dry pipelines. Comes with 8 spare waterproof probes that are easy to replace on your own, solving the problem of clogged pipes faced by construction engineers and home users.
  • Free Sensitivity Adjustment: Adjust the sensitivity according to the actual measurement condition. Increase sensitivity to determine a larger range when the blockage point is not found, and then decrease sensitivity to pinpoint the exact blockage area.
  • Operate Longer and More Conveniently: Two charging options - USB and direct lithium battery charging. A full charge powers the transmitter for approximately 10 hours and the receiver for 5 hours. Features constant voltage output for safe and efficient operation. Green low battery indicator prompts timely recharging.
  • Wide Applicability: Comes with a user manual, charging cable, earphone cable, 8 waterproof probes, and adhesive. VEVOR pipeline blocking clogging finder, an intelligent blockage measurement tool, is easy to locate blockage points while paying attention to every detail. Quality sewer wall scanner sensor is widely applicable for locating blockages in metal pipes, PVC pipes, water pipes, plastic pipes, and even wall nails.
On Sale!Bestseller No. 3
RIDGID 19238 NaviTrack Scout Locator, Underground Pipe Locator and Underground Cable Location Device Small
  • SONDE AND LINE LOCATOR: Compact design with the power to easily solve most challenging underground locates for those seeking SeeSnake cameras, remote transmitters or flushable sonde transmitters, target pipes, cables, or energized lines; Use with SeeSnake inspection reels or other sondes for best results
  • MULTI-DIRECTIONAL TECHNOLOGY: Antenna constantly sees the entire signal from any direction and by simply maximizing the signal strength, you'll find the target without the worry of false peaks or nulls
  • SUPERIOR SPEED AND ACCURACY: Features 4 Sonde and 5 Line trace mode frequencies; digital readout offers real-time signal strength with no false peaks; micro-mapping to surround the target along with on-screen markers and automatic depth calculations for fast, easy, and more accurate locates
  • RELIABLE GUIDANCE: Locate position is verified through the micro-mapping and presents on-screen markers of distinctive poles in front of and behind your target with depth calculation that automatically displays when over the target, guiding you efficiently
  • ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE: Locator comes with a carrying case for convenient jobsite transportation and protection as well as surface marker chips, an instructional video, an operator's manual, and 4 C-Cell batteries
Bestseller No. 4
Pipe Locators, Water Pipe Blockage Detector for PVC/Plastic/Metal Underground Pipeline Blocking Clogging Finder Sewer Wall Scanner Plumbing Tools 30M
  • 【Waterproof Probe】The pipe lock detector is equipped with a waterproof probe to deal with various environments, and the side plate lock detector has and has a long service life
  • 【Note】Unable to bypass curved pipes, suitable for straight pipes
  • 【Prompt sound】It can pinpoint the location of the blockage, the blockage inside the pipe, and remind you by the buzzer sound
  • 【Wide range of applications】Wall tube scanner can quickly locate any blockage or any blockage and avoid large area blockage of the pipeline
  • 【Scope of application】The pipeline obstacle scanner has 8 probes, which can be replaced to detect steel, iron and PVC pipes
Bestseller No. 5
Magnetomatic Pipe Locator
  • PIPES IT CAN DETECT: Iron, Steel, Ceramic, Transit, Asbestos Cement & Plastic Pipe (PVC) with or without magnetic tracers
  • CABLES IT CAN DETECT: Electrical, Telephone, Fiber Optic, Conduit pipe
  • Features: No dials No batteries No intricate mechanisms to fail Only one moving assembly Collapses into your hip pocket

Newest Pipe Locators

shenruifa Move Up Down Window Locator Set Plastic Buckle Rack Accessories Door Window Rack Push Up Window Fastener
  • Multiple Applications: This product is suitable for various doors and windows, such as sliding windows, casement windows, sliding doors, etc., and has high universality.
  • Beautiful and generous: The product has a smooth surface, no burrs, and a simple and beautiful design that does not affect the appearance of doors and windows.
  • Easy to use: The product is equipped with buckle racks, making it easy to use and can be easily moved up and down to meet different needs.
  • Stable and Reliable: The product is cleverly designed to firmly fix windows, prevent them from shaking, and increase safety.
  • Premium Materials: This product uses high strength plastic materials, which are wear resistant, durable, and have a long service life.
High Pressure Toilet Unblock Toilet Pipe Plunger, Upgraded Toilet Plunger Kit, High Pressure Air Drain Clog Remover Plumbing Tool for Sink Bathroom Kitchen Bathtub Clogged Pipe
  • Efficient High Pressure Unblocker: Our High Pressure Toilet Unblock Toilet Pipe Plunger is designed for and efficient unclogging using the power of compressed . It surpasses traditional plungers by quickly blowing out clogs within seconds.
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction: Featuring a robust stainless steel toilet unclogger, this tool ensures durability and . The high pressure piston guarantees years of service life, making it a reliable solution for your plumbing needs.
  • Pneumatic Piston Design: The plunger boasts an ergonomic sliding ABS plastic handle, providing a comfortable grip. With a large area and flexible handle, it allows for easy operation and repeated use.
  • Fast and Continuous Cleaning: With a powerful push pressure of up to 120 psi, our heavy duty toilet plunger ejects clogs. The continuous and fast blowing action ensures the prompt resolution of even stubborn clogs in toilets and .
  • Versatile Applications: This plunger for toilets and floor drains is not limited to toilets alone. It effectively with various blockages caused by debris like hair, tea, and grease. Suitable for unclogging , floor drains, bathrooms, sinks, washbasins, vegetable basins, and more. A versatile solution for all your plumbing needs.
Pipeline Blocking Finder Pipe Blockage Detector Pipeline Blocking Clogging Scanner Plumbers Instrument Diagnostic Tool Pipeline Pipe Locators (US Plug)
  • WATERPROOF PROBE: The pipe lock detector is equipped with a waterproof probe, which can cope with various environments. The wireless pipeline blockage detector has a long service life.
  • REMINDER TONE: Line blockage detector can accurately locate the location of the blockage, the blockage inside the pipeline, and remind you through a buzzer.
  • SCOPE OF APPLICATION: The pipeline obstacle scanner has 8 probes, which can be used as an alternative for detecting steel, iron, and PVC pipelines.
  • GOOD MATERIAL: The detector is made of durable ABS material, which is resistant to impact and scratches and can be used for a long time.
  • WIDE APPLICATION RANGE: Wall tube scanners can quickly locate any blockage or blockage, avoiding large scale blockage of pipelines.
Pipe Plugging Test Tool Pipe Blockage Detector Water Pipe Locator Pipeline Blocking Clogging Scanner Plumbers Instrument Diagnostic Pipe Locators (US)
  • WATERPROOF PROBES: The pipeline blockage detector is equipped with 8 waterproof probes, which can cope with various environments and has a long service life.
  • GOOD HOUSING: The blockage tester shell is made of excellent ABS material, which is impact resistant, scratch resistant, and does not deform.
  • BUILT IN BATTERY: Both the plugging tester and receiver are equipped with 600mAh polymer batteries, which can be used anytime, anywhere.
  • ACCURATE LOCATING: This kit is mainly used to accurately locate the location of pipeline blockages and remind you through a buzzer, stable and reliable.
  • DETECTABLE PIPES: The pipeline blockage scanner is suitable for detecting steel, iron, and PVC pipeline, to prevent large scale blockage of pipelines.
3 In 1 Router Milling Groove Bracket, 3 in 1 Router Milling Groove Bracke Router Milling Groove Bracket, Cabinet Hardware Jig, Router Template, Craftsman Router, Router Jigs And Templates
  • 【Professional Woodworking Tool】—— 3 in 1 Router Milling Groove Bracket is a specialized device designed for woodworking enthusiasts. Crafted from upgraded and thickened aluminum alloy material, it boasts high hardness, ensuring durability and longevity in various woodworking applications.
  • 【Removable Design for Convenience】—— The tool features a convenient and quick-to-detach design, allowing users to easily assemble or disassemble components as needed. This enhances the versatility of the device, making it adaptable to different woodworking tasks.
  • 【Enhanced Stability and Precision】—— The detachable aluminum alloy base is a versatile component that can be mounted onto a trimmer to serve as a router milling groove bracket. With its upgraded aluminum alloy construction and adaptable design, the tool offers enhanced stability during woodworking tasks. The precision achieved with this milling groove bracket ensures accurate and clean results when working on different types of boards.
  • 【Convenience At Your Fingertips】—— Revolutionizing the DIY landscape, our router milling groove bracket features a removable design tailored for utmost convenience. Its quick-to-detach mechanism empowers users to effortlessly assemble or disassemble components, adding a layer of adaptability to tackle diverse woodworking tasks with ease.
  • 【Professional Woodworking Precision】—— The 3-in-1 Router Milling Groove Bracket isn't just a tool; it's a mastery instrument crafted for woodworking enthusiasts seeking unparalleled precision! Constructed from a high-grade, thickened aluminum alloy, it embodies supreme hardness, guaranteeing steadfast durability across a spectrum of woodworking applications.