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Looking for the Best Rodent Repellent available to buy right now on Amazon but don’t want to have to do all the research on the pros and cons of the different types of Rodent Repellent?

Pop Expert have put together this list of the top 10 selling Rodent Repellent on Amazon – sorted by overall popularity and positive consumer reviews.

The Pop Expert list of top selling Rodent Repellent is the ideal place to start when you are trying to find the Best Rodent Repellent for your neeeds.

Popular Rodent Repellent on Amazon

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On Sale!Bestseller No. 1
Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent - Environmentally Friendly, Keeps Mice Out, 4 Scent Pouches
9,855 Reviews
Fresh Cab Botanical Rodent Repellent - Environmentally Friendly, Keeps Mice Out, 4 Scent Pouches
  • FAST ACTING - Fresh Cab keeps mice out! For preventative use in non-infested areas, simply place one pouch for every 125 square feet. Made with balsam fir oil, this non-toxic plant-based alternative freshens and protects our storage areas for up to 90 days
  • NO-MESS, EASY TO USE - Remove plastic overwrap. For use in currently infested areas, increase use to 1 pouch per 8 sq. feet of floor space, and replace every 30 days
  • A LEAGUE OF ITS OWN - No other botanical rodent repellent on the market can do what Fresh Cab can do. #1 selling #1 rated botanical rodent repellent since 2007 [Fed EPA Reg.]. USDA BioPreferred. Leaping Bunny certified. 1% for the planet
  • ETHICAL/ENVIRONMENTAL - Made in the USA by EarthKind, the only company to develop a botanical rodent repellent that meets federal EPA standards for professional pest control use/effectiveness in indoor/enclosed areas. EarthKind operates with a 2% carbon footprint and hires a 20% handicapable workforce for assembly of your product. EarthKind has won multiple awards over the past 10 years including the 2017 National Parenting and Eco Excellence Awards
  • PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY - Use Fresh Cab pouches to repel rodents from basements/attics, pantries, cabins, under hot tubs, garages/sheds, storage units, autos, trucks, tractors, farm equipment, sheds, barns, RVs and boats
Bestseller No. 2
Rodent Repellent 20 Pack, Rat Repellent for Mice and Rats, Mouse Repellent for Car Campers Outdoors Indoor Garage, Mice Squirrel Deterrent Pest Control Pet Friendly
  • 【Effective Rodent Repellent】 - The rodent repllent contains strong and powerful ingredients, emits a strong scent that is designed to repel the most common mouse, such as moles, voles, gophers, armadillos and other burrowing animals,etc. Rodent hate the scent, themfeel fear and move away.7
  • 【Keep Rodent Away Naturally】 - New upgraded Rodent repellent contains blend of natural plant formula, it emits a smell that makes rodents feel uncomfortable to force them to leave, repel rodents from tunnelling and causing damage to lawns,vegetable plots and flowers and seedling plant roots.
  • 【Child & Pet & Plant Saft】 - Non-toxic, environmental friendly ingredients safe for human, pets, lawns, garden, fruits, vegetables and the environment when used as directed.
  • 【Widely Applications】 - Our mice repellent can be used in many places, such as kitchen, bedrooms, garages, trucks, barns, attics, autos and so on, the unpleasant smell will keep rats and other rodents away. For better results, please continue to use our repellent.
  • 【Long Lasting Protection】 - Includes 20 packs repellent and 20 bags for hanging, one repellent ball can last around 2 months and protect 120 sq ft. Our mice repellents also has a certain repellent effect on insects such as snake, lizard, cockroaches, ants, centipedes, etc.
Bestseller No. 3
Mighty Mint 16oz Peppermint Oil Rodent Repellent Spray
11,500 Reviews
Mighty Mint 16oz Peppermint Oil Rodent Repellent Spray
  • Naturally Safe for People and Pets* - Smells Good Too!
  • Extra-Concentrated Strength for Long-Lasting Protection
  • Locally-Sourced, High-Grade Peppermint from the Pacific Northwest
  • Active Ingredient: Pure Origin Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Drives Rodents Out and Keeps Them Away - Humane and Effective
On Sale!Bestseller No. 4
Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, 4 PCS Mouse Repellent, Rodent Repellent, Mice Repellent Indoor, Pest Repellent Ultrasonic Plug in, Rat Repellent for House, Spider Repellent, Insect Repellent for Home
  • 【Upgraded Frequency Conversion Technology 】Ultrasonic pest repeller indoor features a frequency conversion dual-wave technology. It can simulate and interfere with the auditory and nerve system of the mouse and pest, being extremely irritating to them. Especially the variable technology frequency waves ensure that the pest can't develop immunity and adaptability to the sounds, keeps pests and rodents away from your home or office.
  • 【Eco-friendly Pest Repellent Ultrasonic Plug in】This mice repellent indoor is a physical method to drive pests away, poison, traps, killing and noise. The sound is not detected by the ear and harmless to humans, children and pets. It combining advanced technology and humanitarian. Electric rat repellent for house can drive pests and rodents out from your house instead of killing them.
  • 【Super Value Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent】Mice repellent indoor kit includes 4 packs upgraded ultrasonic mouse repellent. The pest repellent ultrasonic plug in can repel pests and rodents effectively without clean up their dead bodies. You can simply make rodent repellent ultrasonic plug in a wall socket 6~47 inches away from the floor without any tools. Easy to use and no need to clean up dead bugs and keep your home always clean.
  • 【Wider Coverage & Suitable for Different Places】Ultrasonic pest repeller indoor is effective for an area up to 1700 square feet. Spider repellent can help you to drive pests away from your home, office, hotel, warehouse, restaurant, cafe, BBQ place, back yard and apartment. We recommend you to install one for each room can achieve the best result, because the ultrasonic cannot pass through walls or solid objects.
  • 【Multiple-object Applications】Our mouse repellent ultrasonic plug in can be highly effective against most kind of insects and rodents through unique ultrasonic sound and electromagnetic waves. Such as mice, rats, ants, bugs, roaches, mosquitoes, etc. You can repel them with just this insect repellent, no longer need any mouse traps or other messy tactics generally used to get rid of pests.
On Sale!Bestseller No. 5
Tomcat Rodent Repellent Oil for Indoor and Outdoor Mouse and Rat Prevention, Ready-To-Use, 1 gal.
8,264 Reviews
Tomcat Rodent Repellent Oil for Indoor and Outdoor Mouse and Rat Prevention, Ready-To-Use, 1 gal.
  • Tomcat Rodent Repellent Spray prevents rodent entry, nesting, and foraging both indoors and outdoors
  • Our rodent repellent is formulated with an essential oil blend that delivers a smell and taste that deter mice and rats with a no-stink formula safe for use around kids and pets (when used as directed)
  • This rat and mouse repellent is rain-resistant and long-lasting with an application that should be repeated every 30 days
  • Repel mice and rats by spraying at potential entry points around your home, including around doors, windows, cracks and crevices, pipes, and vents
  • This 1 gal. ready-to-use indoor and outdoor rodent repellent spray covers approximately 2,550 sq. ft. with an easy application via a battery operated ComfortWand

Newest Rodent Repellent

SUAVEC Rodent Repellent, Mouse Repellent Granules, Mice Repellent for House, 40% Peppermint Oil to Repel Mice and Rats, RV Rat Repellent, Mint Mice Repellant for Campers, Mice Away-10 Pouches 8 Ounce
  • REPEL RODENTS NATURALLY: Contain blend of effective essential oils, mouse repellent delivers a long lasting scent, repels rodents, mice and rats invading your home.
  • LONG LASTING EFFECTIVE: The rat repellent give off a long-lasting scent of essential oils, mild to human but irritation to mice and rats. One pouch last about 30-90 days, gets rid of the critters effectively.
  • HUMAN & PET SAFE: Made of exclusive formula, all natural ingredients safe for people, pets, cats, plants and the environment when used as directed.
  • EASY TO APPLY: Simply place the mouse repellent granules in any enclosed areas. One pouch repels all types of rodents up to 120 sq ft for 1-3 months effectively, weather-resistant.
  • MULTI-USE - Effectively solve the rat & mice infestation in your vehicle, RV, trucks, garages, camper, closets, pantries, basements, attics, tractors, sheds, barns, boats, chicken coop while smell minty fresh.
ANEWNICE Rodent Repellent,Mice Repellent for House,Mouse Repellent Peppermint,Moth Balls for Rodents,Peppermint Oil to Repel Mice and Rats,RV Rodent Repellant- 8 Packs
  • STRONG REPELLER -Combines the ultra-powerful and sustainable essential oils, emits a strong, clean, minty aroma, causes strong irritation to pest brain and olfactory nervous system of pest, keep mice out, prevents the mice and rats from chewing on wires and nesting in your house and vehicle. forces them to leave your property immediately.
  • LONG LASTING AND EFFECTIVE- Effective for 3 months.Independently tested, our premium formula is scientifically proven effective against all types of rodents like mice/mouse & rats.Inside and outside rodent prevention.
  • SAFE - Ingredients are from All natural essential oils.Humane way to repel rodents. Safe and friendly for children and pets when used as directed.You are being protected in a safe and eco-friendly way.
  • EASY TO APPLY&DOUBLES AS AN AIR FRESHENER-- Leaves vehicles, closets and cabinets smelling minty fresh. Simply place rodent repellent in anywhere that you want to protect to to deter pests from intrusion or nesting. Ready-to-use formula starts to work immediately.The effective area up to 120 Square feet.
  • WIDE APPLICATION:The mouse repellent pouches are perfect for closets, pantries, vehicles, RV, kitchen, wardrobe, bed room , garden , storage room, living room, drawers, basement, garage.
Avantaway Ultrasonic Pest Repeller, Indoor Pest Control for Mosquito, Mouse, Cockroach, Bug, Roach,Upgraded Electronic Plug-in Insect Repellent for House, Garages, Warehouses, Offices, Hotel,6 Pack
  • Intelligent Variable Frequency:To prevent pests from adapting to a single type of sound wave, Enttgo ultrasonic pest repeller uses variable frequency ultrasonic waves to constantly stimulate pests, making it impossible for them to live quietly and forcing them to choose to leave your home. Ultrasonic pest repeller can drive away mosquitoes, rats, cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, ants, mice and other rodents.
  • Effective Pest Repeller:In 1-2 weeks, you may notice that pest activity has increased as they have been constantly disturbed by the uncomfortable ultrasonic waves, making it difficult for them to live peacefully and forcing them to seek out new places to live. After 2-4 weeks, you will find that these troublesome rodents have left your house.
  • Safe and Eco-friendly:Unlike other traditional toxic insecticides. Ultrasonic waves are only effective against pests and are inaudible to humans and pets. Pest control process is quiet, odorless, and radiation. Ultrasonic pest repellent is safe for your family and pets, and environmentally friendly. You don't have to worry about it affecting your daily life, and it won't pose a threat to human health.
  • Easy to Use:This device has no switch and is easy to use - simply plug the pest repellent into a power outlet and it will start working when the night light turns on. You don't have to worry about it automatically turning off and allowing pests to reappear.
  • Wide Coverage:The coverage area of ultrasonic can reach 1200 square feet and it can be used in any indoor environment, such as house, warehouse, garage, supermarket, office, restaurant, factorie, and hospital. Ultrasonic waves cannot penetrate solid surfaces, so please keep one pest repeller installed in one room. If the area is too large or the pest infestation is severe, it is recommended to use two or more ultrasonic pest repellers to ensure the pests are quickly driven away.
BH-4, Ultrasonic Pest Repeller - Electronic & Ultrasound, Indoor Plug-in Repellent - Get rid of - Rodents, Mice, Squirrels, Bats, Insects (Purple, 2 Pack) Prep 10/23
  • ✅ Pest Control Solution! Environmentally friendly for users and pet safe, Non-toxic and odorless! Don't use spray essences, peppermint, roses and cedar oil, poison sprays, traps, gel and other chemicals - NO KILL! NO SMELL!
  • ✅ Our electronic products repel - rodents and mouses, bats, squirrels, spiders, roaches, fleas, ticks, flies, wasps, ants, crickets, bed bugs, silkworms, mosquitoes, bees and other small pests.
  • ✅ The best efficiency is achieved In houses and apartments in offices, garages, attics, basements, warehouses, greenhouse, and garden. Often used in restaurants, hospitals, shopping pavilions, and store
  • ✅ Supply voltage: 100-240V, AC 50/60Hz. Power consumption: 1-3w. Dual effect Ultrasonic repeller and night light. Protect over 1600 square feet. Our product has passed all tests and is protected by patent - BEWARE OF FAKES!
  • ✅ Feel our service and care! Lifetime guarantee and 100% Money Back! In the case of any dissatisfaction, we can give you a full refund!
X-PEST 360°Protection Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller with Different Ultrasound Waves to Repel Mice, Rats, Squirrels, and Other Rodents for Home, Garage, Kitchen, Living Room Use, No Poisons (2)
  • 360-Degree Coverage: This advanced rodent repeller utilizes ultrasonic technology to provide complete 360-degree coverage, effectively deterring rodents from all angles within its operating range.
  • Safe and Eco-Friendly: The ultrasonic rodent repeller is non-toxic and safe for humans, pets, and the environment. It provides a humane way to keep rodents away without resorting to harmful chemicals or traps.
  • Dual Ultrasonic Emission: The device emits dual ultrasonic waves, combining varying frequencies to target different rodent species. This feature maximizes effectiveness and prevents rodents from becoming immune to a single frequency over time.
  • Four Operating Modes: The repeller offers four distinct operating modes, each with unique frequency patterns and intensity levels. This variability ensures that rodents do not develop immunity to the ultrasonic emissions, increasing long-term effectiveness.
  • Convenient Remote Control: It is designed for your convenience. With the included remote control, you can effortlessly switch between modes without the need for manual adjustments. It's all at your fingertips with the remote control.