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Looking for the Best Hot Tub Defoamers available to buy right now on Amazon but don’t want to have to do all the research on the pros and cons of the different types of Hot Tub Defoamers?

Pop Expert have put together this list of the top 10 selling Hot Tub Defoamers on Amazon – sorted by overall popularity and positive consumer reviews.

The Pop Expert list of top selling Hot Tub Defoamers is the ideal place to start when you are trying to find the Best Hot Tub Defoamers for your neeeds.

Popular Hot Tub Defoamers on Amazon

Details on the Best Hot Tub Defoamers

On Sale!Bestseller No. 1
HTH Spa 86116 Defoamer, Spa & Hot Tub Chemical Eliminates Foaming, Softens Water, 16 oz
  • BENEFIT: Relax into worry-free, no foaming soft water with this easy-to-use product
  • CONDITIONS SPA WATER: Efficiently removes foam from spas and hot tubs; Ensures a soothing experience
  • SOFTENTS WATER WITH VITAMIN E: HTH Spa Defoamer is formulated to provide a more soothing experience
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SPAS: HTH Spa Defoamer is great for all spas, including bromine, chlorine and biguanide
  • YOU'RE ALL CLEAR WITH HTH: For best results, use HTH Spa Defoamer as part of your regular HTH Spa care routine
Bestseller No. 2
Hot Tub Defoamer & Spa Defoamer - Spa Anti Foam & Hot Tub Anti Foam for HotTub Owners to get the Foam out for Spa & Hot Tub Foam Removal, The Defoamer for Hot Tubs to Keep Spa Foam Down | AquaDoc 16oz
  • Getting more Hot Tub Foam than you bargained for? Spa foam is typically caused by soaps, oils, and cosmetics that naturally enter hot tubs during regular use. Spa jets disturb these contaminants which results in more foam.
  • The Spa Anti Foam that Works Fast - We created a Hot Tub foam eliminator that quickly removes hot tub foam, and keeps the spa foam down with regular maintenance to keep the spa foam out. The best spa defoamer for hot tubs and hot tub bubble remover.
  • How to Use our Hot Tub Foam Eliminator - Add 1 - 3oz of spa foam eliminator to the foamy hot tub water. Circulate the hot tub antifoam for at least 5 minutes. Repeat this spa foam treatment process weekly as needed to keep the hot tub foam down.
  • The wrong Spa Foam Remover can make foam worse - The foam reducer hot tub owners love. Using the wrong hot tub chemicals foam can worsen. Not all hot tub anti foam chemicals are created equal. We made a hot tub defoamer spa owners love. Keep the foam away and enjoy a no foam hot tub today.
  • Made in the USA - Our Anti Foam for Spa is made & distributed in the USA. Ordering one of our foam reducer hot tub chemicals helps provide an income for hard working Americans. We deliver top quality products and provide the best customer service to every customer.
On Sale!Bestseller No. 3
SpaGuard Spa Anti Foam 1 Pint
  • removes foam in hot tub
Bestseller No. 4
PureSpa SpaPure Defoamer (1 pt) (2 Pack)
  • Long lasting formula
  • Effectively and quickly eliminates foam
  • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, biguanide, and mineral sanitizers
  • 2 Pack
Bestseller No. 5
Hot Tub Defoamer - Pool, Fountain, & Spa - Antifoam Concentrate - Silicone Emulsion - Quickly Removes & Prevents Foam in Water - Eco Friendly & Safe Formula - No Harsh Chemicals - 1/2 Gallon (64 oz.)
  • RELIABLE, VERSATILE, & COST-EFFECTIVE FOAM CONTROL: Use Bastion’s Defoamer for pools, spas, hot tubs, fountains, and waterfalls, to finally and fully clear away pesky foam and suds from your water, leaving sparkling clear results. Comprising defoaming and anti-foaming properties, this formula takes care of all your foam needs, extending the duration of its results and giving you more time to relax.
  • FAST ACTING & EASY TO USE: Bastion’s powerful, professional-grade formula starts working instantly, cutting through foam and preventing future buildup. Super easy to use, simply pour in the recommended amount and watch the magic happen- Foam-free, crystal-clear water awaits!
  • NO OILY RESIDUE, NO CLOUDY WATER: Made with a silicone emulsion formula, Bastion’s concentrated defoamer completely and effectively eliminates foam, suds, and bubbles, without leaving behind an oily residue or water that’s milky or cloudy. Enjoy foamless water without compromise.
  • COMPATIBLE: This Defoamer by Bastion, due to its silicone base, does not alter your water’s chemistry. It maintains chlorine levels and is compatible with other water treatment chemicals. Use your regular cleaning products as usual, there’s no need to change up your routine.
  • 100% SAFE & NON-TOXIC: Safe for people and water. Free of harsh chemicals, Bastion’s Defoamer clarifier solution won’t irritate your eyes or skin. It’s also safe for your jewelry, and formulated for both fresh and saltwater; so go ahead, use it as needed, with peace of mind. Your family is safe with Bastion. This product is 100 % CRUELTY-FREE and proudly MADE in the U.S.

Newest Hot Tub Defoamers

ADIOS! 3-in-1 Spa Cleaner - Clarifies Water, Stops Scum and Removes Foam, Works with Chlorine and Bromine 16oz
  • CLARIFIES SPA WATER – Quickly clears up hazy and cloudy water that filters can’t clean! 3-in-1 formula fights dirty water by treating the problem at the source, restoring clean water to your hot tub and spa.
  • PREVENTS HOT TUB SCUM – Goodbye yucky scum! Our specialized formula breaks down scum caused by body oils, skin particles, soap, shampoo and grime. This means no more odors, better performing filters, less need for chlorine or bromine, and fresher water.
  • ANTI FOAM – Adios 3 in 1 Hot Tub Cleaner reduces foam build up by fixing the water condition that causes foam. Traditional defoamers treat foam by preventing foam from forming, but not actually treating the problem itself.
  • 100% SAFE TO USE – Our formula is pH neutral, uses no harsh chemicals and is compatible with all pool chemicals. Can use hot tub and spa immediately after application and will not irritate skin.
  • TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS - We are an American manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in supplying professional trades. Adios! is our consumer brand that offers convenient sizing and price. Say goodbye to hard work with Adios!
Adios! Hot Tub Scum Stopper – Remove Scum, Reduce Foam and Neutralize Odors from Spas and Hot Tubs, 32 oz (Quart)
  • POWERFUL SCUM CLEANER – Quickly and easily stop scum before it starts with Adios! Scum Stopper. Our advanced enzyme formula treats the cause of scum by breaking down shampoo, soaps, body oils and skin particles. This also means clearer water, less foam, happier hot tub filters and saving money on spa chemicals.
  • BETTER THAN SCUM ABSORBERS – Floating bugs and balls only absorb the top layer of visible scum, while Adios! Scum Stopper treats the entire body of water while preventing scum from forming. Plus, one bottle provides 6 months of treatment for a 4-person hot tub, a better value versus constantly buying and tossing out scum absorbers.
  • CLEANER AND CLARIFIER – Say goodbye to cloudy and hazy water! Our formula targets and neutralizes suspended oils, detergents and organic matter (aka yucky stuff) that sneak by hot tub filters and pool chemicals. Only 30 minutes after treatment, you will experience clearer, cleaner and scum free water.
  • 100% SAFE FORMULA – Adios! Scum Stopper is an enzyme based cleaner that is free of harsh chemicals, is pH neutral and compatible with chlorine and bromine. It will not irritate skin and is safe to store around children and pets.
  • TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS - We are an American manufacturer with over 30 years of experience in supplying professional trades. Adios! is our consumer brand that offers convenient sizing and price. Say goodbye to hard work with Adios!
Spa Choice 472-3-5081-02BX Sanitizing Granules Hot Tub Chlorine 5-Pounds, 2-Pack & HTH Spa 86116 Defoamer, Spa & Hot Tub Chemical Eliminates Foaming, Softens Water, 16 oz
  • Product 1: Dissolves quickly and completely
  • Product 1: Stabilized spa chlorine
  • Product 1: 56% available chlorine
  • Product 1: Controls algae
  • Product 2: BENEFIT: Relax into worry-free, no foaming soft water with this easy-to-use product
Spa & Hot Tub Defoamer - 16oz Hot Tub Foam Reducer & Spa Foam Treatment to Prevent & Remove Hot Tub Foam for Clear Water - Spa Elevate
  • Hot Tub Defoamer: Our hot tub defoamer is a must-have accessory for any hot tub owner looking to maintain a clean and enjoyable spa experience. Simply add a capful of our hot tub defoamer to your water and watch as the bubbles quickly break down and disappear, leaving your hot tub's surface smooth and spotless. Our hot tub defoamer is designed to work with all types of hot tubs, including inflatable hot tubs, and is safe to use with all types of hot tub chemicals.
  • Spa Defoamer: Our spa defoamer is specially formulated to tackle the foam problem in your spa. Whether you're dealing with bubbles caused by body wash, shampoos, or other spa products, our spa defoamer will quickly break down the foam and leave your spa's surface clean and clear. Our spa defoamer is easy to use and safe for all types of spa surfaces, including vinyl, acrylic, and fiberglass. Simply add a capful of our spa defoamer to your water and watch as the bubbles disappear.
  • The Defoamer for Hot Tubs to Keep Spa Foam Down: Our hot tub and spa defoamer is the ideal solution for hot tub and spa owners who want to enjoy a clean and foam-free spa experience. Our defoamer is easy to use, safe for your hot tub, and effective at breaking down foam quickly and efficiently.
JULMELON Hot Tub Scum Absorber,4 Pack Spa & Pool Scum Eliminating Balls Reusable Hot Tub Oil Absorbing Sponge Washable Scum Floating Filter to Keep Water Clear Clean for Pool Bath Hot Tub Accessories
  • Keep the Hot Tub Clean: The hot tub scum absorber includes 4 scum absorbing balls, which have a spherical structure that can increase the contact area with water, and can float on the water surface stably, so as to efficiently absorb scum, body grease and mucus, thus keeping the water clean and clear, and bringing a happier hot tub experience. Hot tub accessories allow you to completely relax while soaking and take away the fatigue of the day
  • Washable and Reusable: Hot tub scum absorb balls is a reusable spa and pool cleaner, which can be cleaned after reaching saturation after use, and the cleaning ability and floatability of the oil absorbing sponges will not be affected, which can clean the hot tub economically and efficiently, and is an ideal choice for hot tub accessories
  • Good Quality Material: Hot tub clean accessories is designed in 3D honeycomb shape.Good quality material and structure can help you continuously absorb scum and grease in hot tub quickly and efficiently. Compared with traditional scum eliminating balls, the hot tub scum sponge is not easy to turn yellow or crack. The durable oil absorbing balls provide new choice for hot tub cleaning
  • Save Time and Effort: Hot tub scum sponge balls are very simple to use. Put the cleaning balls in the hot tub or swimming pool, and the hot tub sponge will float on the water, which will absorb scum efficiently, so you will have more time to enjoy the relaxing experience brought by the hot tub and save your time and energy
  • Widely Used: The spa sponges for hot tub is suitable for use in hot tubs, swimming pools, bathtubs and spas, and has the same good performance indoors and outdoors, which can avoid frequent water replacement, help you absorb annoying scum, grease, emulsion and other stain in the water, and enjoy clean and clear water every time