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Looking for the Best Indoor House Fly Trap available to buy right now on Amazon but don’t want to have to do all the research on the pros and cons of the different types of Indoor House Fly Trap?

Pop Expert have put together this list of the top 10 selling Indoor House Fly Trap on Amazon – sorted by overall popularity and positive consumer reviews.

The Pop Expert list of top selling Indoor House Fly Trap is the ideal place to start when you are trying to find the Best Indoor House Fly Trap for your neeeds.

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Bestseller No. 1
Safer Home SH502 Indoor Plug-In Fly Trap for Flies, Fruit Flies, Moths, Gnats, and Other Flying Insects – 400 Sq Ft of Protection
1,655 Reviews
Safer Home SH502 Indoor Plug-In Fly Trap for Flies, Fruit Flies, Moths, Gnats, and Other Flying Insects – 400 Sq Ft of Protection
  • Works Fast – The trap starts working immediately to attract, trap, and kill flies, fruit flies, moths, gnats, and more
  • Contains no chemical insecticides
  • Ideal for Your Home – These traps are the perfect choice for homes with children and pets
  • Protects Large Rooms – The UV LED light naturally attracts flying insects to the trap to protect large rooms
  • Discreet Design – Trapped insects are hidden on the back of the glue card, while the trendy design blends in with your décor
Bestseller No. 2
Mosalogic Fly Trap Indoor Flying Insect Traps Plug-in for Fruit Flies,Gnats, and House Flies - Gnat Killer Trapper Plug-in Fly Insect Catcher, 400 Sq Ft Protection Area
  • Works Effectively UV Flying Traps– The flies trap attracts, traps, and kills flies, fruit flies, moths, gnats, and more. Eliminate Rate from the third party can reach up 89%.
  • UV Light To Attract Insects - The Flying Insect Trap uses UV light with wavelength of 365nm and 395nm as attractant. By harnessing the power of UV light, this scientifically backed solution effectively attracts and captures flying pests.
  • 24/7 Protection Gnat Killer - Keep those pests at bay with the Mosalogic Fly Trap! Enjoy 24/7 uninterrupted protection and 5pcs refills in the package provides a long-lasting protection. Trapped insects are hidden on the back of the glue card. Say goodbye to bugs and hello to a stylish, insect-free space!
  • Ordelss and Mute UV Trapper- Simply insert a glue card and plug the trap in and touch the button. The moths killer captures the flying insect without toxicity and smells worries compared to the zapper. Non fan buzzing and no fire or flame.
  • Multifunction Fly Insect Trap - When you are tired of uv light, switch to night light mode. Soft orange light won't irritate your eyes, and the stylish design will blend with your decoration
On Sale!Bestseller No. 3
DynaTrap DT3009-1003P Flylight Indoor Plug-In Fly Trap for Flies, Fruit Flies, Moths, Gnats, & Other Flying Insects – Protects up to 600 Sq Ft
6,413 Reviews
DynaTrap DT3009-1003P Flylight Indoor Plug-In Fly Trap for Flies, Fruit Flies, Moths, Gnats, & Other Flying Insects – Protects up to 600 Sq Ft
  • Works Fast – The trap starts working immediately to attract, trap, and kill flies, fruit flies, moths, gnats, and more
  • Protects Large Rooms – The UV LED light naturally attracts flying insects to the trap to protect rooms up to 600 square feet
  • Discreet Design – Trapped insects are discreetly hidden behind the decorative faceplate, so you and your guests never have to see them
  • Easy to Use and Reusable – Simply insert a glue card and plug the trap into any standard indoor outlet. Refill glue cards are available for continued insect protection
  • Ideal for Your Home – Place them around common insect hotspots, including near houseplants, in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and more
On Sale!Bestseller No. 4
Black Flag Fly Stick, Trap Houseflies and Flying Insects, Pack of 6
  • TRAPS FLYING INSECTS: Once they land, they never leave.
  • ATTRACTS FLYING INSECTS: Just add honey or syrup.
  • USE INDOORS AND OUTDOORS: Use anywhere flying insects are a nuisance.
  • HOOK INCLUDED FOR HANGING: For best results, hang vertically with all sides of the stick exposed.
Bestseller No. 5
Kensizer 30-Pack Window Fly Traps for Indoors, Fly Paper Sticky Strips, Fly Catcher Clear Windows Trap for Home, House Fly Killer Lady Bug Traps
  • No Trace Left - After peeling it off, there's nothing sticky will be left on the window, it will absolutely keep your window clean.
  • Clean and Transparent - It will not affect the light transmittance of window, and not easily be spotted by the flies.
  • Strong Viscosity - Adopting specially designed glue of no chemical and no pollution, there is no way to escape once the flies stick on it.
  • Safe and Convenient - Odorless, non-toxic and Eco-friendly, it won't affect the health of babies or pets and easy to use.
  • Included - Each package contains 30pcs disposable window fly trap. Ship new and old packaging at random. If there is any issue with quantity, please feel free to contact us.

Newest Indoor House Fly Trap

J & L Supply Zevo Flying Insect Trap Starter Kit Bundle- Gnat Sticky Traps for Plants House Indoor, Fungus Gnat Sticky Trap - White! (4 Devices 4 CARTRIDGES)
  • Say Goodbye To Odors and Messes - Our Complete Starter Kit Includes One UV Light Plug in and Two Refill Sticky Pads. Zevo bug trap. Easy, non-toxic way to get rid of those pesky bugs.
  • Blue and UV Light Mixture To Attract Insects - The Zevo Flying Insect Trap plug in device uses a scientifically proven combination of blue and UV light to attract and trap flying insects like house flies. With this advanced control solution, you'll be able to quickly and effectively rid your home of flying insect pests.
  • 24-HOUR PROTECTION - Keep pesky flying insects away for 24 hours or more with the zevo plug in trap! This starter kit bundle provides a comprehensive solution for your home, giving you long-lasting protection.
  • Attractive Styling - This insect trap looks great in any home or office with its sleek, modern design. Plus, it comes with a refillable zevo flying insect trap refill, so you can be sure your space is always protected.
  • COMPLETE STARTER KIT - Our Complete Starter Kit Includes One UV Light Plug in and Two Refill Sticky Pads.
FVOAI Fruit Fly Trap Indoor, Fruit Fly Traps for Indoors Mosquito Trap Insect Trap with Sticky 10 Pcs Glue Boards (Pink)
  • Strong suction and wide range.Fly trap for indoors is equipped with bug lights that emit 365-395NM wavelength light, which is strongly attractive to insects with powerful suction. The light of the gnat trap is used to attract the flying insects, with the sticky glue board, so that they cannot escape.
  • Effective result and easy to clean. Place insect traps indoor near fruits, plants or garbage cans and turn off lights for best effect. Not Intended for house flies.Mosquito zapper indoor is easy to clean, remove the tray for water cleaning and replace it with new sticky board(include 10 pcs sticky boards).
  • 4 Time setting. Plug in the usb cable and adapter, press the bug zapper indoor on/off button to work. Continuous run or 6/12/18hours timing function, more convenient to use.
  • Widely used and low noise. Fruit fly traps for indoors adopts physical mosquito control, safe and low noise. Mosquito trap are commonly used in homes, restaurants, and other areas where flies can be a nuisance or a health hazard.
  • Excellent and stylish. Fly trap indoor takes up less space and can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, living room and office as decorations which does not detract from the overall appearance of a space.
Gnat Trap for House Indoor Plug in Bug Catcher Indoor 2 Pack UV Bug Light Indoor Plug in Bug Zapper Indoor Plug in Flying Insect Trap Mosquito Killer with 10 Sticky Bug Trap Boards, Home Office Use
  • 🏅【Protect Your Family - Fly Traps Indoor for Home】Are your pets still being infested with parasites, and are your family members itching all over? If so, lure these parasites out of pets, upholstery, carpets and cracks with our flea traps. Flea light trap for indoor can help attract fleas in your home, especially in areas you cannot spray. Keep your family and pets safe from fleas
  • 🏅【Effective UV Light Dual Insect Traps Indoor】2024 Upgrade UV light flying insect trap is designed according to the phototaxis of flying insects. When used, the fly traps for indoors plug in will release UV light waves that are attractive to insects,which can effectively attract mosquitoes,fruit flies,gnats,moths and many other insects. The attracted flying insects will be stuck by the strong glue card on the top and cannot escape. Gift 10 glue cards, solve the flying insect problem easily
  • 🏅【Easy To Use】The flea light traps for indoor simply plugs in the glue board, and when the sticky flea trap is plugged into any standard household outlet, the flea trap is ready to catch fleas. The UV insect trap can attract insects within a range of 300 square feet and the glue card can stay sticky for a long time, giving your home 24/7 long-lasting protection, Please check and replace the glue card of the trap every 15 days(or when it full) to ensure effect
  • 🏅【Natural & Mute Mosquitoes Killer】Use the UV light mosquito killer trap to catch insects without the worry of toxicity and smell, suitable for families with children and pets. It is attracted by UV light and captured by super glue card to safely kill insects. Unlike bug zappers, fly traps protect your eyes, skin from direct UV rays, have no risk of electric shock, and make no noise when used. The glue card captures the flying insect without toxicity and smells worries compared to the zapper
  • 🏅【Super Grabber】Sticky glue holds the flea and insects fast for easy monitoring and removal. The package includes 2 flea traps, 10 glue discs, with refills readily available. We are committed to providing the best customer service and bringing the best shopping experience to every customer.You can contact us anytime if you have any questions
Electric Fly Trap Pest Device Gnat Flying Insect Trap Automatic Indoor Fly Trap Pest Reject Control Catcher Insect Repellents Tools for Auto,Ranch,Garden Rotate Resueable Catcher for House Fly
  • ✔️【Long-lasting Fly Control】Our electric fly trap uses a non-toxic and resistance-free design, with no need for refills. The unique, straightforward design can instantly and continuously catch a large number of flies, providing years of flies-free living.
  • ✔️【Catching Principle】Target to the defect of house fly compound eye. Once the fly get attracted by the bait, The top cover keep smoothly rotating and trap all fly into box without startle the flies. Fly mechanically driven into the bottom tray, die a few days after. Pull off the bottom to empty the tray.Tested proven to be an effective and fast way of catching complementary flies.
  • ✔️【Dedicated Fly Baiting Agents】The baits of the gnat trap can affect the effectiveness of catching flies, so in order to catch more flies, please use dedicated fly baiting agents.If the fly is not interested in the bait, you can add some vinegar or sugar or a fishy smell to attract the flies. do not use hard food as bait to avoid damaging the product.
  • ✔️【Place to use】Ideal for kitchens, farms, kennels, and besides the trash can. since it is not waterproof, please put it indoors and make sure there is a power outlet. USB interface to connect the power.The fly trap indoor uses physical methods to catch flies and can effectively attract flies and other flying insects, which can nicely relieve you of the worries about insets in summer.
  • ✔️【Away from Interference】When utilizing this electric fly trap, you have to make sure there are no humans nearby and avoid moving any things in the path to effectively conserve energy and your time while resolving the insect problem.
Fruit Fly Trap for Indoors,Effective Fly Catcher Gnat Traps for House Indoor with Sticky Pads,Safe Non-Toxic Reusable Fruit Fly Gnat Killer with Fruit Fly Attractant for Home,Plant, Kitchen (2 Pack)
  • 🍎【Newly Upgraded Fruit Fly Trap】The latest strawberry fruit fly killer,the products include strawberry gnat catcher(2pcs)+yellow sticky traps(8pcs for giveaway)+fruit fly trap refills (20ml).Drosophila were captured by two methods:visual trapping and odor trapping.The fruit fly catcher is fluorescent red and works with Fruit Fly Trap Bait to attract small flying insects.The yellow sticky sticker is made of high-quality glue,and the fruit flies will not be able to escape once they get close.
  • 🍎【Safe Gnat Traps】Fruit fly traps are made of eco-friendly materials,safe and odor-free.Traps can be placed anywhere near fruit,food and plants.Gnat traps for house indoor are designed with entry funnels.Once a fruit fly enters the fly trap,it cannot escape.Keep those annoying fruit flies out of your life.Even though our indoor fruit fly traps are safe,it is still recommended that you keep them out of the reach of children and pets to avoid trouble from accidental ingestion.
  • 🍎【Wide Application of Fruit Fly Catcher】You can use indoor insect trap in any room where flying insects are present.Such as kitchen, balcony,bedroom,indoor and outdoor areas where flying insects gather.Strawberry fly trap will help you to get rid of the flying insects and protect your home fruits,vegetables and potted plants from invasion and protect your health.The lovely strawberry design of the insect killer trap will blend seamlessly with the beautiful fruits indoors and outdoors.
  • 🍎【Easy-to-use and Reusable Traps】A fruit fly trap that is ready to use when you open the package.Pour the mosquito lure into the strawberry trap,insert insect sticky traps,and place it in the area where fruit flies are active and wait for them to approach.Once a fruit fly enters a fruit fly trap or gets stuck with a plant gnat sticky traps,there is no way to escape breeding.When the indoor fly trap is full of insects,simply replace the sticker and bait to use it again.
  • 🍎【Your Trustworthy Fruit Fly Trap】Determined to solve our customers' home mosquito problems,the upgraded fruit fly traps for indoors are specially designed for flying insects and work even better with the included 20ml mosquito lure and sticky fruit fly trap! If you are not satisfied with your purchase of gnat traps for house indoor, please let us know immediately so we can do everything we can to improve your overall experience.